Woman Fights Brexit by Stripping Naked on Live TV & Challenging Politician to Nude Debate


Correlation isn’t causation.

Given the fact, why is it that so many — it seems — left-wing political activists are also otherwise nuts?


On Good Morning Britain Tuesday, anti-Brexit professor Victoria Bateman popped in — and popped out — to make a statement about the country’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union.

Dr. Bateman had a novel idea: challenge pro-Brexit Parliament member Jacob Rees-Mogg to a debate — while naked.

Yes — this was her idea. A naked debate.

Then she performed her own Brexit: an exit from her BRa.

Personally, I don’t wanna see SCHLexit — the withdrawal of Rees-Mogg’s manpart from his pants.

Victoria contended Britain would be left “naked” by its departure from the EU, and that her wholly uncovered bod was a great way to make a serious statement.


The host asked, “Why is being naked so important?”

Good question.

Here’s wisdom:

“The key message that I want to deliver is that Brexit is the emperor’s new clothes. What high-profile Brexiteers promised Brexit voters is just not possible to deliver. The British economy faces many, many problems right now: shortage of housing, problems with the NHS, wages stagnating, too many people up and down the country using food banks. But the European Union is not the cause of those problems, so…how is Brexit going to help us solve those problems?”


She went all WomensIssues with it:

“We see naked women around us all the time. We see the scantily clad in advertising. There’s a whole world of pornography out there. If you go to any art gallery in the U.K. or across the world, you will see nudes on the walls. But the common thing about all of those women is that they are silent. They are not allowed a voice. What is shocking, perhaps, to some people, is a woman who is naked with a voice.”


Here’s a question for ya:

“Why should I, as a woman, only be able to use my body for sex and babies? Why shouldn’t I also be able to use my body to deliver an important political message?”

Well…I can think of some reasons.

She said she’d also take Rees-Mogg if he’s clothed, too. But she’ll still want to show her nipples and crack:

“I think it is the Brexiteers who should be wearing the emperor’s new clothes and not a Remainer, like me, but I perfectly understand if he claims that he doesn’t have a double-breasted birthday suit, why he may wish to wear a normal suit. I’m happy to debate it with him, but I will insist on wearing the emperor’s new clothes that are Brexit.”


Are you now totally against Brexit? Well done, Dr. Naked.

She also did it on the Today show. Watch the startling GMB video below (and more — more racily — on YouTube).

I refer back to my initial statement. And question it.


P.S. Still, thank goodness for nuts. They make the world interesting.


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