Donald Trump Jr. Drops the Mic on Twitter Over the Washington Post Super Bowl Ad



During Sunday night’s Super Bowl broadcast, The Washington Post took a few moments to show the world how cool it is. And it did seem cool — the ad was narrated by none other than Bosom Buddy Tom Hanks.


You know who aren’t bosom buddies? The Post and The Donald. Therefore, Don Jr. took to Twitter with a quick response to the commercial, takin’ a stand for the old man.

Here’s the ad again, in case you didn’t catch it as part of RedState writer Brad Slager’s Super Bowl article earlier today.

(Jeff Bezos = the paper’s owner.)

Pretty cool, right? “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” and The Washington Post is clearly the light of integrity.

The Post’s CEO, Fred Ryan, also hyped the campaign in a statement released prior to its airing:

“The Super Bowl is a remarkable moment to recognize the courage and commitment of journalists around the world that is so essential to our democracy. While most Super Bowl ad producers have the better part of a year, we had the lesser part of a week, but with an event this big, we decided to seize the opportunity to make this a milestone moment in our ongoing campaign to highlight reporters’ work and the importance of press freedom.”

Now get your popcorn; here’s the son of the Commander-in-Chief’s response via Twitter:


“You know how MSM journalists could avoid having to spend millions on a #superbowl comercial to gain some undeserved credibility? How about report the news and not their leftist BS for a change.”


Ahmed Baba — contributor to the Post — was none too impressed:

“This how the President’s child reacted to The Washington Post’s #SuperBowl commercial that honored journalists, including those who lost their lives like Jamal Khashoggi. Trying to discredit the media won’t change the fact you lied to Congress junior.”

Here are some other tweets by the Post’s Ahmed:



The Journalistic Light of the World, ladies and gentlemen.



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