WATCH: CBS Banned This Patriotic Response to Nike from the Super Bowl Broadcast



A patriotic ad’s been rejected by CBS as part of Sunday night’s Super Bowl broadcast. The reason? Well, here’s the deal, as reported by The Washington Examiner:


According to the firm, Nine Line Apparel, CBS was apparently not satisfied the firm could pay for the 45-second ad, despite having annual revenues of $25 million. A spokesman for Nine Line charged that CBS didn’t like the ad’s content.

As per the Examiner, the commercial shows “soldiers, first responders, and images of military graves decorated with American flags and gives credit to them for protecting the rights of those like (Colin) Kaepernick to protest.”

The video’s a response to Nike’s campaign — with which CBS has had no problem — hailing Kaepernick as a revolutionary hero.

The rejected sports apparel promotion features narration by Benghazi survivor U.S. Marine Mark Geist. Mark talks of loyalty and standing for the flag:

“Some people think you’re crazy for being loyal, defending the Constitution, standing for the flag. Then I guess I’m crazy.”

Whereas Nike’s Colin tribute directed, “So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are crazy enough,” Nine Line went with “Don’t ask if your loyalty is crazy. Ask if it’s crazy enough.”

More from the ad you won’t be seeing while the Patriots battle the Rams:

“For those who kneel, they fail to understand that they can kneel, that they can protest, that they can despise what I stand for, even hate the truth that I speak, but they can only do that because I am crazy enough.”


Nine Line Apparel CEO Tyler Merritt claims the rebuff’s all about blocking a non-left-wing perspective:

“CBS’s purported reason for rejecting a Super Bowl commercial that extols patriotism is totally out of bounds. Let’s call this what it is: a blatant attempt to censor a message that their politically correct executives find offensive. We urge Americans who believe it’s important to show respect for our flag and national anthem to join us in calling out this offensive bias. It’s time to give a penalty flag to CBS.”

What does Nine Line stand for? Here’s how the official website puts it, via three endorsed tenets:

  • Respect the flag and what it stands for. The flag represents the sacrifices made by those who have fought and died to preserve our freedom and should be honored as a sacred symbol of all we stand for.
  • Support those who have and continue to serve honorably as members of the military, police, fire department, or any other public service. Hold those who abuse their power accountable but understand they do not represent the entirety of those who serve to protect us.
  • Third, and most importantly, being patriotic is nothing to be ashamed of. We at Nine Line are proud of our country, our flag, and our birthright, and it is our goal to reinvigorate this pride into our nation once again.

Find out more about

And check out the Nine Line ad below.



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