They Asked Americans to Come Out and Honor a Vietnam Vet with No Next of Kin; Here's How it Turned Out



As covered by RedState’s Thomas LaDuke Saturday, when Vietnam Air Force veteran Joseph Walker passed away recently, the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery failed to located any next of kin. Subsequently, the organization asked the public to attend his funeral, giving the man a respectful send-off and a final Thank You for his service.


On Facebook, the CTSVC made clear they “do NOT leave veterans behind.”

The media got behind the effort for the 1964-68 serviceman, who would be laid to rest with full military honors:

So how’d it go? Well, as the saying proffers, they do everything bigger in Texas.



To hear many on the Left describe the U.S. — a country that “was never great to begin with” (here and here) — one might expect apathy if not disdain in response to a call for the honoring of a stranger — particularly one who shouldered a weapon when he was called to do so. But as Texas reminded us all, America cares. It cares about patriotism; it cares about veterans; it cares about its citizens — native-born and immigrants. The far Left seems intent upon convincing us that “immigrants” is the term aptly applied to those who are the antithesis of the concept: people who wish to sneak in, rather than to immigrate. Therefore, we’re supposed to believe that, by nature of citizens’ desire for actual immigration to occur, the populace is full of hate. On Monday in Killeen Texas, a long line for an honored man — who is black, by the way — provided an anecdotal yet notable message: Americans aren’t full of hate. Some on the Left may be full of something, but I’ll let you decide what that is.



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