IT BEGINS: In Nathan Phillips Aftermath, Covington Family Hires Power Attorney; Diocese Apologizes



As announced yesterday, the family of 16-year-old Covington Catholic media victim Nicholas Sandmann enlisted power attorney Lin Wood to fight back over the misinformation and doxxing of teens due to the Nathan Phillips/MAGA viral video (see more here, here, here, here, and here).


Lin’s nickname is the “Attorney for the Damned.” Sounds like a good fit.

WCPO reported:

“He is committed to bringing justice to 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and his family,” McMurtry wrote.
Wood “often (seeks) eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press,” according to a 2011 Washington Post article about his defense of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. (Cain had been facing accusations of sexual harassment that derailed his campaign.)

Other notable clients include the family of JonBenet Ramsey, who were suspects in the child pageant queen’s murder, and Richard Jewell, a Centennial Olympic Park guard misidentified as having bombed his workplace in 1996.

If you listen closely, you can hear the cock of a gun.

Here’s an example of Lin’s general disposition:

He ain’t skeered:


Fast-forward to January 19th’s condemnation by the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, via Bishop Roger Joseph Foys.

As per LifeSiteNews:

“We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C.,” the January 19 statement read.

After later reporting refuted the original narrative, Bishop Foys issued a new statement stating that an “independent, third-party investigation is planned to begin this week” and that it was “important for us to gather the facts that will allow us to determine what corrective actions, if any, are appropriate.”

Many have criticized the community’s Catholic authorities for condemning the boys in the first place and for not simply retracting and apologizing for the original statement. On Wednesday a Covington parent speaking to LifeSiteNews on condition of anonymity said Foys visited the school and met with the boys today.

The parent said Foys claimed he was unable to change his story while things are being investigated, and any change to the previous statement would have to wait for the review’s conclusion. The parent added that Foys “has been very staunchly pro-life,” and while he did not apologize privately to the boys, his tone was “fairly good” and “very much in support of them.”


Now check out today, courtesy of the Attorney for the Damned (Well-Represented):


There’s a fair ways to go for justice, to whatever degree it may be attained. But one step at a time, for kids caught in the crosshairs of the Left’s hasty wokeness and their bitter war with Donald J. Trump.



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