BOOM! Sarah Sanders Drops the Hammer on Nancy Pelosi Over SOTU 'Political Games'



On Wednesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy — that would be, the goofball who does things like this, this, this, this, and this.


When asked by Fox News about Pelosi’s “political games” played over the State of the Union address — which is to say, her attempt to cancel the SOTU due to “security concerns” from the longest (partial) government shutdown in history — Sarah celebrated that the 70-year-old Democrat was “finally” concerned about somebody’s “security”:

“I think we’re all glad to see Nancy finally care about the safety and security of someone — including the president. I wish she would take that same level of concern and apply it to the millions of Americans that live in this country that have been impacted by the fact that we have completely open borders and step up.”


Pelosi, of course, does care about security — and walls — so much that she recently had cops remove unwelcome visitors from her walled property (here).

Despite her desire to spend and spend your tax dollars, Nance also cares about wealth — her own: she’s reportedly worth $120 million. And she ain’t givin’ it away, Jack!

She’s got a nice job, apparently. And Sarah said she needs to start doing it:

“She has got to come to the table and actually start doing her job.”

And the State of the Union, Sarah promised, will happen:

“The President should be able to address the American people, whether he does that from the halls of Congress or whether he does that in another location. The president will talk to the American people on January 29th.”


Donald announced as much, as well. In response, Pelosi refused to allow a vote on the occurrence of the STOTU ’til the government is fully opened.

Way to go, politics.

Trump also said this about the State of the Union, two years ago:

Well…at least this time, it won’t be boring.

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