Disney Producer Wishes for the Covington Kids' Death by Woodchipper; Apologizes, Disney Stays Silent



Good grief!!!!

Over the weekend, Disney producer Jack Morrissey tweeted his wish for the Covington High School students to be fed into a woodchipper.


Again: fed into a woodchipper.

I’m trying to wrap my head around that.

The man who brought Beauty and the Beast to the silver screen accompanied his tweet with a still from the movie Fargo, which showed a sea of blood being exhaled from a gasoline-powered death machine.

After a hefty public backlash, the psych– I mean, Morrissey — issued an apology. He claimed it was just a funny joke, and he didn’t wish any violence on the students in any way. Yuck Yuck.

As told to TheWrap:

“It was something that I did not give any thought to. It was just a fast, profoundly stupid tweet. … I would throw my phone into the ocean before doing that again.

“Yesterday I tweeted an image based on FARGO that was meant to be satirical — as always — but I see now that it was in bad taste I offended many people — My sincerest apologies. I would never sincerely suggest violence against others, especially kids. Lesson learned.

“I have no issue whatsoever with taking responsibility, but also completely apologizing that I clearly intended it to be seen as satire. That was clearly not recorded that way by many who saw it.”


His first sentence can be filed under “Self-Evident.” Then again: In this climate, does any prominent person tweet wishes of bloody child-murder without putting any thought into it?

TheWrap asked him if he’d changed his mind, now that the kids have been proven to not have done anything wrong. His answer failed to impress:

“I have seen tweets from both sides feeling disappointed that the mainstream media went this way or that way. But I haven’t had the headspace to take the time to watch all the videos.”

Despite Disney’s firing of Roseanne over a late-night Twitter post limboing far below the endorsement  of murder, the Mouse has remained quiet on the matter. Double standard? Check out my contrast of the controversial comedienne with Keith Olbermann — here.

Where is the company outrage? Compared to the horrid ugliness of Morrissey’s tweet — it seems to me — some maligned-and-fired celebrities’ goofs have been Beauties. You know what that makes him.


For more on the Covington story, go here, here, and here.



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