Liz Cheney Calling Bull: Pelosi ‘Commandeered’ the House for 8 Hrs on DACA, Now She's Voting Against it




Nancy Pelosi is full of something, and it isn’t ideological consistency.

It also isn’t the betterment of America.

It can’t be — because she’s currently going against what she recently said was important.


As I’ve written previously, Nancy and many of her Democratic cohorts are currently choosing partisanship over propriety, due to their political war against Donald Trump. All principles have been shoved out the window.

The Dems have really painted themselves in a corner: stupidly, they’ve called every time the President moves a muscle “racism.” Subsequently, if they now do anything other than irrationally refuse any participation in government negotiation, they are — according to their own dumb contentions — promoting racist radicalism.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney — the number 3 House Republican — appeared on Meet the Press Sunday to slam Nancy Pelosi and her team for their absurd hypocrisy:

“It’s very difficult to understand when you’ve got the President’s proposal that obviously includes money for the border wall, also includes an extension for the DACA folks, also includes an extension for TPS. Those are issues, DACA in particular, that Speaker Pelosi, she commandeered the floor of the House of Representatives for eight hours less than a year ago on particularly this issue of helping to ensure that people that are here, the so-called Dreamers, are not deported. For [Pelosi] now to simply reject out of hand when the President actually has said, ‘Okay, let’s look at ways we can come closer,’ it shows you they’re just not interested in negotiating.”


Chuck Schumer — who, along with Pelosi, supported 2006’s Fence Act (here) — told President Trump in December he must “abandon the wall” (here), and that “there will be no additional appropriations to pay for the border wall; It’s done,” is logknotting it along with Pelosi, despite The Donald’s offers — which include temporary Dreamer protection — in exchange for wall funding.

Cheney called baloney:

“Speaker Pelosi has said she will be a champion of the Dreamers. When she’s willing to play games, when she’s willing to pull political stunts, but she’s not actually willing to come up with solutions, it makes it very difficult to come to an agreement here.”

Our country’s baloney has a first name, and it’s N-a-n-c-y.

There’s a solid amount of sense to saying Pelosi’s full of Oscar Mayer. The 70-year-old — who called the cops on people who climbed her wall recently (here) — is a real wiener.


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