Obama's Border Chief: 'Do it All, Including the Wall'



The Democrats are full of it.

Right now, that is, over the border wall.

The same people who supported 2006’s Fence Act are now crying “immoral racist” over Trump’s endorsement of the same idea (here, here, here and here).


It’s politics at its worst. And I can’t believe any constituents would fall for it.

When Hillary Clinton said, before a primarily black audience, that she takes hot sauce in her purse everywhere she goes, it was pitiful pandering. That one comment should’ve made her a laughing stock for the rest of forever. But what’s happening now, in my opinion, takes it up a notch.

The Dems’ refusal to put the general idea of citizenship and the nation’s security above partisan politics is, so far as I’m concerned, the worst Washington has to offer.

Mark Morgan doesn’t seem too opposed to my view. He was Obama’s border chief, and he’s calling BS on the Democrats.

On Cavuto Live, the former head of the U.S. Border Patrol agreed with Trump that we currently have “a national security and humanitarian crisis.”

Furthermore, as for the Democrats, he had this to say:

“It’s absurd, the arguments that are being made right now.”

Mark also pointed out that the same language presently being used by the President was used by both parties in years past.

And he, of course, is right. Just check out this video.

Mark noted a change in the demographics of people sneaking into the country, which occurred around 2014:

“[W]e saw an influx in family units and unaccompanied minors. It was then, also, across the aisle on both sides that referred to that as a humanitarian crisis.”


His conclusion?

“We need to do it all, including the wall.”

So there ya go, Schumer and Pelosi — put that in your pipe and smoke it.



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