Easy Money: As the Dems Clutch $5 Billion, the DOD Returned $27B of Unspent Funds to the Treasury



Democrats loooove to spend your money.

But suddenly, they’re tightwads.

Donald Trump wants $5 billion to begin construction of his promised wall, and they just don’t have it to spare — a penny saved…


But there’s a whoooole lotta money happenin’ over at the Department of Defense:

According to a Defense Department Inspector General report, since 2013, the DOD’s relinquished over $27 billion to the U.S. Treasury.

And why? Because it couldn’t spend it fast enough.

Dang it! Just couldn’t shell out the dough as quickly as needed. I hate when I have that problem.

This, as Dems just can’t cough up $5.7 Big Ones.

–And’ve been adamant about it, for 20 partial-shutdown days.

Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet, talking to NBC News, said Trump would have the right to utilize unused DOD dollars if her were to declare a national emergency (which he may do — see here, here, and here)

On Tuesday, the Pentagon noted an “expired unobligated balance” of $27.7 billion.

As per Pentagon spokesperson Chris Sherwood (interviewed by The Daily Caller), the megabucks which were returned to the Treasury account for “approximately 1 percent of our overall budget. It’s not as big as it may seem.”

That’s a life I want — one in which $27 billion isn’t as big as it seems.

Fortunately, if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes over, my wish may very well come true — once we’ve followed in the steps of Venezuela, it may be the cost of a roll of toilet paper (here).


Oh, and by the way: between 2012 and 2017, the Pentagon gave up $33.6 billion due to underspending.

Surely somewhere in Washington, under a couch cushion, sits $5 billion.



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