Despite Dumb Democrat Stance, Study Shows Vast Majority of Americans are Concerned About the Border

Since Trump’s election, Democrats have been real goobs about the border.

In looking for latches for their accusations of every evil under the sun, they at some point found the perceived foothold of a most dumb notion: they could call Trump racist, based on the idea that he, essentially, believes in citizenship. As opposed, by the way, to people just sneaking into the country.


…That he believes in immigration, as opposed to its opposite: illegal entry.

The man married an immigrant. Twice. But don’t confuse political operatives with the facts.

The posturing has reached ridiculous heights, with Nancy Pelosi recently proclaiming, “A wall is an immorality” (here).

Good grief.

Well, some people disagree with Nancy. And their name is America.

A new poll by Politico and Morning Consult reveals that a vast majority of the country believe we’re facing a “crisis” or “problem” along our southern border.

Hmmm…If a vast majority think that way, then it may be said — according to Pelosi — they are immoral; and if Trump stole the election by means of sauntering in to the tune of a lost popular vote, then I suppose you could say Hillary was the choice of mostly immoral people.

And now those Hillary supporters want something done down south.

As per the study, 42% are on board with Hillary’s nemesis’s characterization of the border issue as a “crisis.” On top of that, a completely separate group — comprised of 37% — says there’s a “problem.”


Next to that whopping 79%, we have 12% who see the whole to-do as neither a crisis nor a problemo.

Here’s another number for ya: 44% of Americans support an actual wall (Okay, so that doesn’t jive with my Hillary point earlier, but you didn’t know that when you read it, so the effect was still achieved and hopefully enjoyable; plus, we all know she didn’t mean what she said, and she’d probably have goofily said the same about labeling it a problem, crisis, or any other word used by Trump).

The remaining 56% might wanna reconsider: As reported by Customs and Border Protection, almost 2,000 people are caught trying to sneak across the border every day.

Whether it be a wall, a fence, an invisible forcefield, a moat, or an army of flying monkeys, we need something to stop the criminality. Otherwise, the “crisis” and “problem” — like a 70’s T-shirt iron-on — is just gonna Keep on Truckin’.

As long as Pelosi (like other disingenuous Dems) maintains her stance against fixing the malady of illegal immigration, she’s fit for a 70’s iron-on as well, attaching her firmly to her ridiculous statements: “I’m with Stupid.”




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