Continuing a Streak of Absurdity, Michael Moore Looks Forward to Trump Family 'in Orange Jumpsuits'



Michael Moore says ridiculous things.

In September, the ironic millionaire capitalist who rages against millions and capitalism in order to make millions via owning his own business claimed Trump may be the last President of the United States (here).


Picking up where that goofy remark left off, on Friday night, Moore looked forward to 2019, to the tune of “members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits.”

His comment came in response to MSNBC host Chris Hayes’s question of what he was “most looking forward to” in the new year:

“As many members of the Trump family in orange jump suits as possible.”

Moore laughed.


Hayes told Moore the statement was mean-spirited.

Moore returned:

“It’s really the wrong way to end such a festive time of the year with such animosity toward those who would do wrong to this country, but yes.”

Who would do wrong to this country??

“You’re not alone,” the host affirmed.

After Hayes pointed out that Don Jr. has indicated he anticipates an indictment, the left-wing propagandist said he expects indictments for Jr. as well as Ivanka husband Jared Kushner.

It probably won’t matter, though, says Moore, because Trump is a master criminal:

“Trump got away with everything for like 40 years.”

“Yeah, he’s been getting away with things for decades,” Hayes seconded.

Moore continued:

“That streak shouldn’t end this year, more than likely, because Trump has always been careful to be not in the room when the crime is being committed.”

Michael’s still living in Trump-Russa-Collusionland:

“If something’s gonna happen in a room with Russians, or others, that could find him indicted… He made sure that he wasn’t in the room.”


Hayes is in similar territory:

“You know, one of the things that I look forward to most which relates to this, um, more than maybe seeing people indicted or orange jumpsuits is just finding things out. Like, there are still a bunch of facts that we don’t know. There are indications of what happened, but I have a personal thirst to know, like, exactly what went down in 2016.”

Well, one thing that happened, for sure, is Trump won…and the Left went out of their gourds.

Some are still there.



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