Ronald Reagan's Son Has a Warning for Trump


The son of conservative icon Ronald Reagan is warning Trump about the border wall.

Michael Reagan tweeted a message to the President Thursday, urging him to take advantage of the current situation:


“Hey @POTUS in 1986 my father made a deal with the Democrats Amnesty for Border Security my father is still waiting. U have no choice its now or never..#BuildTheWallNow”

Seems like sound advice. That isn’t to say the Democrats will cave.

In fact, I fear this episode will play out as did the executive order over family separation. As I pointed out here, in my view, Trump signed the order too soon to get border funding, and yet too late to get any credit. If he stalls through government shutdown but then concedes after murder by media, he’ll have gained nothing in the way of progress and come out on the other side with a plummeted approval rating.

Also on Thursday, Trump did something I find surprising: He tweeted what seemed to be somewhat of a confession of failure. Surely his intention was to blame Democrats to a degree; yet, his honesty over a mistake is quite refreshing, if — perhaps — politically unwise:


“When I begrudgingly signed the Omnibus Bill, I was promised the Wall and Border Security by leadership. Would be done by end of year (NOW). It didn’t happen! We foolishly fight for Border Security for other countries – but not for our beloved U.S.A. Not good!”

On Friday, Trump acknowledged Reagan’s failed efforts as well:

“Even President Ronald Reagan tried for 8 years to build a Border Wall, or Fence, and was unable to do so. Others also have tried. We will get it done, one way or the other!”

The shutdown continues; therefore, the tension ramps up. Will it climax with border victory? Or will it all have been for nothing? Either way, The Donald has a message:


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