Mattel Eyes a Barbie Gay Wedding Playset



Girls love Barbie — Malibu Barbie, Western Barbie, Ballerina Barbie…will they go for Gay Men Barbie?

Barbie maker Mattel is currently in talks with homosexual couple Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio over their idea for a Barbie wedding playset featuring two men.

It all started when Matt and Nick began planning their wedding, which is set for next May. They explained to Arizona’s ABC 15 that Matt’s 8-year-old niece, Natalie, was set to be their flower girl. As a surprise for her birthday, the couple created a very special gift. Matt — who’s an E! reality TV star — Instagrammed an explanation, along with an appeal to Mattel:

“We had a difficult time finding a same sex wedding set to give to my niece for her 8th birthday. She and her little sister are flower girls in our upcoming May wedding. We thought it would be special to give her something with a little meaning behind it. What a bummer you don’t make one with two grooms. Anyway, we had to get creative and make a couple purchases. I hope our custom gift inspires you to make a #GayWedding set! 🌈”

Matt and Nick bought a Barbie wedding set and an extra Ken; a little fixin’ and voilà — they’d created a toy wedding with two hands-clasped grooms and two flower girls.

Their post garnered the attention of the company, which then invited them to a pitch meeting.

Good Morning America spotlighted the success story, whereupon Matt praised the toy giant:

“Mattel has been wonderful and we are meeting with the head of Barbie design, their design team and marketing – either next Friday or the first week of January. Just sorting out travel details and schedules.”

We are indeed in the midst of change, and Nick knows it:

“It’s going to come up in your family, no matter what. As more same-sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in a class that have gay parents.”

Matt says it’s an easy bottom line:

[L]ove is love, and it’s that simple.”

Barbie was already supportive of roMANce: In November 2017, as a tribute to the Supreme Court’s 2015 landmark ruling in favor of national gay marriage, Mattel’s official barbiestyle Instagram account featured a series of photos presenting two Barbs sporting miniature shirts bearing the phrase “Love Wins.”

Love may soon be winning again, at a toy store very near you.

2017 was an evolutionary year for Barbie; in July, Mattel released several versions of Man-Bun Ken.

Surely more modernity is on its way.



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