Polls: These are Likely to be the Democrats' 2020 Frontrunners

Sen Bernie Sanders



As Trump’s first term rounds second base, many are no doubt wondering who will face down The Donald for 2020 White House dominance.

Who could it be? Beto O’Rourke? He is SuperBeto, after all (here)…although he wasn’t super enough to win a Texas November election.


How about Oprah? Might she pull an Arnold and announce her candidacy late in the game?

Well, according to a new CNN poll, former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democratic frontrunner for getting beaten by President Trump. I mean, for snagging the nomination.

The survey was conducted December 6th-9th and was comprised of 1,015 adult participants. The results are as follows:

  • Biden, 30%
  • Bernie, 14%
  • Beto, 9%
  • Booker (otherwise knowns as Spartacus), 5%

So there ya go — the four B’s. They’ll vie for the Big time. Against Trump, who’s the Boogie man. So they can open the Border. And steer us toward Bankruptcy.

And if they can’t get the job done, meet contenders #5 and 6: Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren each scored less than 5%.

Oddly, though perhaps not surprisingly (since older people have observed more of the successes and failures of government), the elder of the group — 77-year-old Bernie — scored much better with the younger crowd. He nabbed 22% of those under 45 and only 7% otherwise.

Elizabeth Warren, who has finally admitted she is that most repulsive of things — white, really stunk up the joint in the poll: 30% viewed her favorably, while 32% thought she could go fly a kite.

Though CNN showed Biden as favorite, a MoveOn.org straw poll covered by NBC News scored Beto at 15.6% compared to Biden’s 14.9. Triumphing at 28.8% was the illustrious “Someone else.”


Let’s hope the 2020 champ is “Someone else” indeed: Donald J. Trump.


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