WATCH: New Jersey Mayor Gets Into Violent Brawl with City Councilman



You’ve heard of “bum fight.” How about Dumb Fight?

A New Jersey mayor got in a fist fight with a city councilman recently, and the brawl was caught on tape.


Video of the wild November 11th fisticuffs was finally released Thursday night by the state’s attorney general.

Democrat Frank Gilliam, mayor of famed Atlantic City, can be seen in the clip outside the Golden Nugget Casino in a real-world version of the high-powered-participant battle royale in Anchorman.

“Real-world,” in that it’s not necessarily anything like Anchorman’s battle royale. But you can bet now that there’ll be a video of it below!

In the soundless security footage of Gilliam’s and Atlantic City Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy’s scuffle, five men and two women are seen punching and struggling.

During the melee, Mayor Frank chases a guy in a white T-shirt while Fauntleroy tosses a dude onto the asphault.

At another point, Gilliam is knocked to the ground, after which he runs from Fauntleroy.

What the heck????

According to The Associated Press, no criminal charges will be pursued. However, the mayor will be in court December 3rd on charges of simple assault and harassment.


In a resolution passed November 26th, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee has called for the resignation of both Fauntleroy and Gilliam.


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