WATCH: YouTube and Teen Vogue Attack Thanksgiving (and You)



Last Thanksgiving, I discovered something quite startling–

As grateful families came together all across America, counting their blessings and enjoying time with loved ones in this greatest nation on God’s green earth, YouTube was looking to commemorate something wholly different. The social media site once primarily known for videos of skateboarders unwittingly crushing their hopes of a future family got serious for a moment, intent upon reminding us of our national shame — making progress (here), therefore,  toward crushing our hopes of a future country.


At the time, I covered the story for a now-defunct publication. Here it is, (mostly) as written then. Has the culture made positive movement over the past year? You be the judge, and please let us all know in the Comments section below.


YouTube expressed its radical politics with a post to Twitter Thursday, using a video about Thanksgiving made by the left-wing propaganda machine for young girls known as Teen Vogue. The tweet accompanying the video reads as follows:

“‘Thanksgiving’ is a loaded word. These girls explain what it means to indigenous people.”

Of course, the tweet is awash in ignorance: “Indigenous” doesn’t apply to American Indians any more than to immigrants from Europe. People comprising the various tribes of the Indians traveled to the North American continent from Asia, via the Bering Strait.

Unfortunately, when it comes to shaming the U.S, the Left isn’t always vibrantly opposed to eschewing facts. One girl in the video even says, “I’m thankful for being born indigenous to this country.”

Uhhh, that describes every person born in the United States, equally. Or none at all.

C’mon, goofs!

The tweet includes a gif of young American Indian women turning over a Thanksgiving table with pride. Teen Vogue’s clip features Amerindian chickadees castigating Americans for celebrating property theft and genocide, complete with a doom-and-gloom soundtrack.


Unsurprisingly, not everyone was happy with YouTube’s anti-American extremism:

America is at war; and its enemies, inexplicably, are within. They seem to battle for the culture’s — and, subsequently, the nation’s — doom, wielding misinformation and weaponizing shame. The answer to the question in the final tweet above — “Can [they] stop ruining everything?” — sadly appears to be “No.”


****FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO RECOGNIZE THE FEATURED IMAGE FOR THIS ARTICLE: In honor of Thanksgiving’s ringing-in of the holiday season — and as my gift to you — I offer the video below.



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