New Photos Emerge of Trump's Migrant Caravan-Ready, Beefed-Up Border Fence



New photos of the strengthened border à la Trump — having been beefed up in preparation for the migrant caravan — have been released.


Boosted by charter buses, approximately 6,000 Central Americans are making camp in Tijuana and sittin’ on Go to enter the U.S., whether through ports of entry or the other way.

The result has been interesting — suddenly, Mexico is alarmed by the notion of non-citizens roosting in a new space. Tijuana has seen illegal alien protests, and the mayor’s said he doesn’t want the interlopers hangin’ ’round. See the shoe get hilariously horned onto the other foot here.

Where are all the liberals? And where are all the cries of racism? It makes no less sense to use the “R” word in this case than in the U.S., so why not let ‘er fly?

Say it, Left — you know you want to. You always want to. Just let it out. It’ll feel gooooood. (But you’re not allowed to say “migrant caravan” — here)

On Wednesday morning, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen toured the border in San Ysidro. It looked like a place you wouldn’t wanna try to cross. Not unless you’re an X-Man.

A couple weeks ago, I featured photos of hundreds of migrants who’d reached San Diego, easily scaling the wimpy wall.

I have to say — this looks a lot more serious.


Armed military and patrols on horseback are guarding the area. Trump readied thousands of them last month (here).

Before, perhaps some photos of the American border could’ve been accompanied by a wink and a smile. These images, just lookin’ at em makes me want a Band-Aid.

The President tweeted one of the new shots proudly:

I hope the migrants have a great Thanksgiving in Tijuana. Oh, wait — they don’t celebrate the holiday in Central America. Well, if they truly wish to become Americans, no time like the present to start. For now, they can be thankful they’re not caught on the fence.

Observe Pilgrim-Indian day today, and those who truly do need asylum and deserve it — next Turkey Day — will’ve already begun assimilating.

To further acclimate to their new Land of Freedom — tomorrow being Black Friday — perhaps the thousands-strong “horde” can stand in lines through tonight, sit in some barely-moving vehicles all morning, and then tug on toys, swearing and punching each other over them. Viva Los Americos!


At present moment, I can’t provide the photos here. You may see them on this page. And watch the video of Kirstjen Nielsen’s visit below.


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