WATCH: Left-Wing Harvard Hilariously Has Touchdown Taken Away Over Vulgar 'Taunting' Gesture



Here’s a chuckle for your day.

Not long ago, I treated RedState readers to a fantastic and hilarious video of a mother strapping her 14-year-old car-thief son (here). Sometimes it’s nice to see a little dose of fairplay.


In that spirit, I give you Saturday’s Harvard/Yale game.

In the fourth quarter, Harvard Crimson sophomore running back Devin Darrington shot up the middle and hoofed it 27-yards into the end zone.

Touch down, Crimson!

But —

Devin thought he’d be extra cool: Somewhere around the 8-yard line, he shot a Yale defender the bird.

Up your nose with a rubber hose, Yale!

Not so fast — the ref was none too impressed with the vulgar gesture.

The black and white canceled the TD.


Watch the hilarity of comeuppance in the video below. Every now and then, there’s a bit of justice in the world. Maybe next time, Darrington will focus on scoring rather than relegating his team to a field goal.

Talking to ESPN, Coach Tim Murphy agreed with the penalty:

“The bottom line is, he was wrong. He was wrong. It’s that simple. It was the right call; he was wrong.”

If you need a little boost to help you enjoy the Ivy League team’s setback: As reported by RedState’s Amelia Hamilton, Harvard’s added an anti-Republican course for the Fall 2019 semester.


****UPDATE: It appears that Darrington raised his index finger rather than middle: see the story, courtesy of Fox News. Of course, the “taunting” call still stands.



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