It's Over, Again -- Andrew Gillum Concedes, DeSantis Wins Florida



Big news in the Florida election. Again.

It’s over. Again.

Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded. Again.

The intense race jetted forth more than a week after election day, and things have finally come to a halt — two days after the Thursday deadline for recount totals. That tally gained Mr. G only one net vote, bringing the margin to .41 percentage points.


In a video on his Facebook page Saturday, Gillum congratulated Republican Ron DeSantis and thanked his supporters:

“We said that we would fight until the last vote is counted. Obviously, we are now closing out the hand recount phase in two of the statewide races. We wanted to make sure that every single vote, including those that were overvotes, undervotes — as long as it was a legally-cast vote — we wanted those votes to be counted. And now that we are rounding that process out, (my wife) R. Jai and I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mr. DeSantis on becoming the next governor of the great state of Florida. I tell you — this has been the journey of our lives.”

Gillum initially conceded on Election Night, then withdrew the concession after absentee and provisional ballots swung the margin narrowly in his favor.

During his campaign, DeSantis got the Trump stamp of approval — the President appeared at Florida rallies in support of the House Freedom Caucus member, twice just in the week prior to the election.

The contest for governor was a dirty shame, with — brace yourself — Democrat Gillum calling Republican DeSantis a racist.


You may think to yourself, “Oh, no — what will happen to Florida, with a racist in office?” Rest assured, that’s the worst of your problems: according to the Dems, the President of the United States is a racist (here). And all the Republican leaders (here). But don’t let that get you really down — you’re a racist, too (here and here).

The official election results aren’t likely to be certified until Tuesday.


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