Gubernatorial Democrat Wants to Ban Your Favorite Rifle



Democrat Stacey Abrams, who’s running for governor of Georgia, told The View Tuesday that she agrees with a banning of the most popular hunting rifle in America: the AR-15.


Allow me to translate for liberals:

A member of the non-evil political party wants to confiscate the one rifle in America that’s manufactured in hell by Satan — the only gun that’s capable of murdering people, which is to say, the only gun that can put holes in things, which is to say, it must be, the only gun that fires projectiles. Therefore, the only gun that matters. Well, except all those particularly sinister, specialty guns called “semi-automatics.” All of the above are weapons of war, unlike all other guns.


Stacey wants to ban those.

Sorta-conservative Meghan McCain popped the question:

“You have been endorsed by Every Town, which is an anti-gun organization. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, as well. You say you’re proud to have an “F” rating from the NRA. Michael Bloomberg and others like him — in the wake of what happened in Pittsburgh (here and here) — support taking away the AR-15, which is the most popular rifle in America, away from people. Do you, like Every Town, support banning the AR-15?”

Stacey started out okay:

“[I] know that the most responsible gun owners understand that they have the responsibility for the firearms.”

Okay. But then — and check this out… It’s a slight turn, but ya gotta watch for this:


“And making sure that only responsible people have those firearms.”

While that may sound like a minor point, on the left-wing freeway, it’s an exit. A couple turns later, and you could find yourself in RepealTheSecondville.

Abrams continued:

“That’s why I believe in a background check. I believe in a 3-day waiting period.”


“I believe that those who commit domestic violence and stalking should not have access to weapons.”


But then:

“I do not believe that weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15 belong in civilian hands.”

Where the heck are we? Map? Waze? Anything? Can you see the interstate?

“Weapons of mass destruction”????

Were inspectors in Iraq looking for hunting rifles? Is the AR-15 a nuclear missile????

Perhaps. Stacey believes, in America (and North Korea?), they should be banned:

“I do. I think they should be prohibited from civilian use.”

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Abrams said she’s fired an AR-15:

“[It’s] an amazing amount of destruction. And there’s very little that can be done to protect vulnerable communities when the AR-15 is present.”

Meghan replied with a question of confiscation — how do you “ban” something millions of people have, without taking what they already possess?

“I do appreciate your honesty. And I assume that, by banning it, you would be rounding them up. It’s the most popular gun in America — around 61% of all U.S. civilian rifle sales. Would we be rounding them up from civilians in Georgia that own it?”

Stacey didn’t answer.

“We have had a ban on assault weapons before in the United States, and I think that we should do it again. I think that there has to be a conversation on how it’s accomplished, because we have to recognize that this is a national conversation.”

You’re getting mad at her, right? She wants to push back on that:

“But I do want to push back on any notion that I believe that the 2nd Amendment is not the law of the land. … It is possible to believe in responsible gun ownership, and to believe that there should be regulations on that. … [W]e have to believe, as a nation, that when our communities are vulnerable — when you can’t go into a synagogue, or a church, or a school, or a movie theater without fear for your life — there is something wrong with our system of gun ownership, and we have to fix it.”


She’s right — there is something drastically wrong if you can’t enter those places without fear. However, she wrongly used the word “system,” whereas something is wrong with our communities. Our culture. Our morality. In the 1940’s, gun laws were far less prohibitive. And yet, how did crime compare? The problem is not our laws.

We suffer from a degradation of families and faith (here, here, and here). When the family collapses, so does society.

Furthermore, I can’t think of a more immature view of the world than one in which a person who’s willing to break the law prohibiting mass murder would be scared to bits to violate the one about possessing a particular rifle.

Our country is certainly flawed; the fabric is torn. And somewhere in that tear lies Saturday’s massacre of 11 people at a Jewish Synagogue. The victims were helpless. Banning a rifle wouldn’t have kept them safe. Arming them might have. Even more so would have a change in the heart of the man who committed evil. How do we change hearts? It starts in the home. One which stays together. One that subscribes to the old and discarded principles of faith, hope and love, presumably taught at Tree of Life. And at the church down the street. And within homes in an America not so long ago. If we turn to God and the dictates of treasuring what He has created, perhaps we can be there again. In that place of a safe world.


Oh — and The View stinks.


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