NEWSFLASH: Kindergarteners in China Attacked with a Knife, Their Faces Slashed; Are Our Children Any Safer?



Holy cow.

On Friday, a woman in the central Chinese city of Chongqing attacked a group of at least 14 kindergarteners.

Wielding a knife, the lady slashed the children’s faces as they returned from their morning exercises.


Videos on social media reveal youngsters with severe cuts on their faces, bleeding as they’re hurried to a medical facility. Hospital footage shows adults crying as the little victims are rushed from the ambulances.

The 39-year-old assailant was apprehended by school security officers, after which angry bystanders began to kick and hit her.

The school doesn’t consist of any outdoor property, so the children use a nearby park for exercise.

Zhang Jing, a neighbor to the school, described the incident:

“It happened when the children were entering the school gate … The attacker just ran at them with a knife. The teachers were dumbstruck.”

According to Zhang, the attack was stopped by elderly people out grocery shopping.

Referencing recent Chinese controversy over faulty children’s medication, Zhang lamented the Chinese government’s uncertain ability to keep kids safe:

“It is terrifying. The vaccines are faulty, the food is faulty … and right now, even the security is problematic.”

What of the United States? How are we taking care of our children? We rarely see children’s faces being slashed, but what of the travesty of Dr. Gosnell (here), about which a movie now plays in only limited cinemas? What of the 2016 presidential debates, during which Hillary Clinton stood in front of the nation and defended partial birth abortion (here)? What of the culture to the north, allowing our nearest national neighbor to consider killing ill children (here)? What of the public school bathrooms and locker rooms, putting young students at risk (here) in the name of so-called political correctness (here)? What of the cultural Left’s attack on the family, promotion of promiscuous sex, and the subsequent breakdown of society’s most important institution?


If children are the future, then our future is in peril. Like a group of innocents, under threat of a knife. And if we fail to protect them, we’ve failed at our greatest moral obligation: to defend the helpless. Our laws, our religion, our traditions, our communities must stand for values and practices which shield the innocent, despite any and all efforts in the political and social sphere to dilute them, no matter what name in which they are done. We must not be defeated by the buzzwords of the opposition — “equality,” “diversity,” “acceptance,” “tolerance.” These are all good words, describing virtuous things; yet, they are used, at times, to do harm. We cannot cower before their mention; we must defend their proper use, as we safeguard our little ones. We are, after all, the greatest nation on earth. And in order to further deserve that title, we must provide for our children what they deserve most: borrowing from the parlance of the Left, a truly safe space.


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