Their Own Worst Enemy: Poll Shows #MeToo & the Left Have Turned Americans Against Sexual Accusers



The Left keeps chanting that they “believe survivors.” The slogan, of course, makes no sense — the word “survivor” is loaded, suggesting the accuser is telling the truth. Therefore, they should be believed. It’s no less positioned than if the Right were to chant, “Don’t believe liars.”


How has all the hypocritical believe-all-women-unless-it’s-against-Democrats insanity across the aisle affected people’s perception of accusers (the proper word, by the way)?

As it turns out, as with almost everything in the last couple years, the Left have shot themselves in the foot with acts of radical madness (please see here).

Comparing stats between November 2017 and this past September, here’s a breakdown of a YouGov study, according to The Economist:

When asked whether men who harassed women in the workplace two decades ago should be able to keep their jobs, those responding in the affirmative increased from 28% to 36%.

When asked if women complaining about sexual harassment creates more problems than solutions, 31% said Yes — up 2% from last year.

When given the statement, “False accusations of sexual assault are a bigger problem than unreported assaults,” 18% of American adults agreed. The same statement drew a 13% reaction in 2017.

How is it that a group can fight for a cause so poorly that they actually repulse their audience? How can someone go out of their way to convince people of something and have the polar opposite effect?

The Left have unwittingly masterminded their own defeat. From the absolute lunacy of the media’s coverage leading up to the 2016 election, to recent instances of networks calling for Trump’s impeachment (here), Hillary claiming Kavanaugh would take us back to slavery (here), and DNC Chair Tom Perez warning a red November wave would destroy democracy (here), the Democratic Party continues to be the worse thing to happen to the Democratic Party.


As a result, the GOP is sitting pretty, afloat from the buoyancy of Hillary and Alyssa (here) and Maxine (here); and the voters are hooked. As in the case of Trump’s favorability (here), for Republicans — and, it would appear, for the upcoming midterms — the fish are jumping in the boat.

Way to go, space cadets.


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