CNN's Brooke Baldwin Won't Let Anyone Call a Throng of Rabid Leftists a 'Mob'



On CNN Tuesday, as pundits discussed the upcoming midterms in light of last week’s madness surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation, host Brooke Baldwin made sure to protect the Left’s reputation…to whatever degree such a thing might be possible.


She didn’t want anyone on the show to refer to the chanting, please-arrest-me crowd proclaiming all kinds of craziness at the Capitol — or the leftist gang responsible for Ted Cruz and his wife’s outrageous harassment at a restaurant (please see here) — as a “mob.”

In fact, Baldwin banned the “m-word.”

Matt Lewis, network contributor and writer for the Daily Beast, suggested the unhinged madness of the Left galvanized the GOP.

“Republicans, they’re the team that needed the excitement, the passion, the energy. They didn’t have it. In midterms, that’s what matters for turnout. And now, I think they do.”

I agree. The Left has once again hurt its cause by going Full Crazy just before a pivotal election. I don’t expect November to see any Blue Wave of note (see here and here).

Matt continued:

“I believe it’s the overreaction of the Left. When you see people like Ted Cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob— “

Brooke interrupted:

“Oh, you’re not going to use the ‘mob’ word here. Matt…Matt…”

Lewis was undeterred:

“It’s totally a mob. It is without a doubt. There’s no other word for it.”

Brooke wasn’t having it.

How many times has CNN actually needed to correct a guest when their assertions were entirely ludicrous?


Here are a few reminders of things people have said on CNN recently, as covered by Yours Truly (please check them out):

Does this look like a mob to you?–

Perhaps CNN is a mob. A mob of poop.


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