Legislating from the Bench: Horrified CNN Pundit Warns Kavanaugh Will 'Change the Law of the Land'



On CNN’s Inside Politics Tuesday, legal analyst Joan Biskupic fearmongered up a nice one.

Biskupic served the doozie of newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh “changing the law of the land” for the next two decades.


The law of the LAND! The whole land!!!!

To the horror of the Left, Tuesday marked Kavanaugh’s first day of hearing cases. Joan was most certainly terrified:

“You heard one of the lawyers refer to Justice Kavanaugh, and it occurred to me that was the first time I was hearing that in that courtroom, and that he would be sitting there, John, for another 20 years, changing the law of the land, and as we’ve said so many times, moving everything to the right because he is succeeding a man who was much more of a centrist.”

Indeed, Justice Anthony Kennedy — whose seat Brett took — was sometimes a swing vote in court decisions.

Yet, the Supreme Court isn’t meant to alter the law of the land. As pointed out by Ben Sasse during the recent Senate hearings over Kavanaugh, Congress — our legislative body — is supposed to make laws, in a clearly-written way which doesn’t demand the Supreme Court sort it all out after the fact.

Nevertheless, since the advent of Abominable Brett, ask virtually any outspoken voice on the Left, it seems, and you’ll get an earful of “The future of the country has been destroyed!” Foulplay is afoot — as pointed out by host John King during the Biskupic segment, “[Sexually-accused Kavanaugh] was not proven innocent.”


In fact, as per wild ‘n’ wacky Elie Mystal on MSNBC yesterday, Brett’s confirmation may indeed begin a Republican “Thousand-Year Reich” (see here).

We may not see a thousand years of Republican victory, but sadly, sometimes it’s not so hard to imagine a millennia or two of the Left losing their minds. Even if that doesn’t change the law, it certainly changes the land. And at some point, unfortunately, it’s bound to change both. Good thing we’ve got a new constitutional conservative on the bench.


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