History Repeats Itself? Kavanaugh Accuser Ford Receives Over $700,000 for Her Troubles



If you’re willing to level claims against an important conservative, you, too, can make $700,000.

At least, that’s the impression I’m getting.


Last December, RedState’s streiff wrote an article titled “Who Wanted $700,000 To Get Someone To Accuse Donald Trump Of Sexual Harassment?

It seems perhaps that’s the magic number, as — thru GoFundMe — Christine Blasey Ford has now racked up more than 700,000 smackeroos.

At least a couple of pages were set up on the funding site earlier this month for the express purpose of aiding the psychologist in traveling to D.C. to testify.

To any of you tech-savvy readers who are particularly wealthy and generous:

I, too, would like to fly to D.C.

And I’ll give you a comparative steal: not a penny over a half million.

You’re welcome.

At the time of this writing, the campaign “Help Christine Blasey Ford” has raised $528,475. “Cover Dr. Blasey’s security costs” has generated $209,987.

Funding for an academic endowment in Ford’s name is currently at $23,035.

Related, “We Believe Women” has reached $55,361, and “We Believe ALL THE WOMEN” sits at $37,469.

Sadly, “Give money to Alex Parker for no apparent reason” is a dollar short of a dollar.


GoFundMe spokeswoman Katherine Cichy confirmed to ABC that Ford will indeed receive the moola for the first two mentioned above:


“We are working directly with all campaign organizers and guarantee the funds raised will be transferred directly to the Ford family. … To be very clear, we have designated the Ford Family as the beneficiary of these funds. We cannot take the money out or otherwise direct the funds.”

When asked during Thursday’s proceedings on Capitol Hill who had covered her expenses — which included a polygraph test — Ford indicated the website’s involvement:

“I’m aware that there’s been several GoFundMe sites.”

Heidi Feldman, who organized the “Cover Dr. Blasey’s security costs” campaign, explained her reason in the page’s Story section:

“My reason for starting this fundraiser is to make concrete the power of collective action in providing security, and therefore support, for Dr. Blasey’s willingness to contribute to a thorough, fair vetting of a nominee for Supreme Court Justice.”

You’ll be disheartened to learn that the account is no longer accepting donations. However, you can still get in on the action elsewhere.

In fact, a simple search of Ford’s name unearths several fantastic opportunities.

There’s the cat-photo-fronted “Christine Blasey Ford gave me PTSD!” fund, which has so far raised $10 of its $1 million goal. If you prefer more of a stinker, you can go with “I am not Christine Blasey Ford,” which features a friendly photo of Pepe Le Pew (who probably really gave that cat PTSD).


Or you can give to “Help Dr Ford,” represented by a photo of a seatbelted dog driving a car.

The caption reads thusly:

“I really want to come forward in Dr Ford’s defense and let the world know I was the driver who took her to the house party. I need to raise this money to pay a hypnotist to help me remember when, where and why I drove Christine Blasey Ford.”

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