A Changing World: Woman Kills Friend in Shoplifting Getaway Attempt



Holy cats. 

In Elkton, Maryland, a 38-year-old woman tried to make a run for it after lifting some items from the local Walmart. Amid the mania of her getaway, she inadvertently ran over her friend. 


Kaneesha Cunningham was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chermaine Mayo, accompanied by Cunningham and another woman, Donisha Harris, exited the store with over $1,000 of hot merchandise. 

A security officer followed the trio, taking pictures of their vehicle. 

Captain Joe Zurolo of the Elkton Police Department said Cunningham tried to prevent the officer from photographing Mayo’s license plate:

“In an attempt to conceal the tag, the victim, Kaneesha Cunningham, jumped on the trunk of the vehicle and tried to use her body to cover the tag.”

Mayo backed up into a curb, trapping Cunningham beneath. She then reversed again and hit another curb.

Mayo and Harris fled on foot, leaving Cunningham to die.

Zurolo marveled at the ladies’ callousness:

“It’s crazy, I mean a total disregard of life in my opinion. They didn’t even attempt to at least render air.”

Harris was charged with theft and released. Mayo is facing multiple charges which include negligent auto homicide and negligent manslaughter.

Captian Zurolo lamented the unnecessary loss of life.

“For me, it’s really sad to see that someone could just dehumanize someone like that and leave the scene. … No need for it to rise to that level of violence where someone loses their life. Totally outrageous.”

We’re living in a world where life is cheap. What once was thought precious is being “progressively” devalued, by a compression on the years of life once relished as invaluable — those at the beginning and the end.


In 2016, during her debate against Donald Trump, radical presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refused to condemn partial birth abortion. In Australia, people are fighting for the right of the elderly and infirm to die (please see here). 

Families are breaking down. And so is civility, toward our political foes, as I covered here.

Yet even if Chermaine Mayo’s crime and disregard for the life of her friend says nothing about the time in which we live, the fact that you aren’t more shocked, and the fact that I’m not more stunned, I believe, does.



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