Wall of Jericho? Former DNC Head Says Dems Would Take the House if Midterms Were Held Today



Ed Rendell, former Democratic National Committee chair, said Sunday that his party would reclaim the House to the tune of up to 25 seats, if the congressional midterms were held today.


Speaking with host John Catsimatidis of AM 970 in New York, Rendell said the blue wave is ready to roll:

“If the election were held today, I do think it would be a blue wave. Not a tsunami, but a wave. And I think the Democrats would take back the House by a 10 or 20 seat margin, and they have an outside shot at taking back the Senate.”

According to polling, Democrats currently have a single-digit advantage with regard to the House, and they require a 23-seat gain in order to take possession.

Rendell did admit that a lot could happen between now and the elections:

“It’s still too early to tell. It’s 52 days till the actual election day, and in politics 52 days is eons of time.”

As pointed out by right-wing blogmaster Matt Drudge, Trump sits in the same approval seat as did Obama at this point in his first term:

“Trump and Obama both have 47% approval at this time of presidency, according to Rasmussen.”

All other things being equal, the stat could spell some pretty tough hits for Republicans:

“Trump will also lose 60 seats in the House like Obama did during first midterm! Unless…”



RNC Head Ronna Romney McDaniel also has concern, as I made clear in my previous Rocky-themed article.

Republicans and the wall need November to go their way (see here); otherwise, hope of a barrier may fall as if Democrats have shouted and God has given them the city. Meanwhile, current DNC chairman Tom Perez has ridiculously claimed his party’s November loss would be death to democracy (as told here).

Trump himself — a noted fan of radical optimism — has predicted an autumn wave of red, as I covered here.

There are still almost two months to go, so it’s anyone’s ballgame. Appearing on Fox at the end of May, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro had something to say about the prospective wave of blue:

“The problem for Democrats is that, really, all they have in 2018 is how much they hate President Trump. They do not have an agenda, they’ve fallen into the politics of intersectional identity politics, it’s all nasty stuff. And there’s a reason that the generic ballot lead has shrunk in the average polls from 13 points down to about 3. The momentum is not on their side. That blue wave looks like it’s barely going to be a ripple at this point.”


A ripple is preferable. But better yet, a wave: a signal “goodbye” from the Democrats, to their hopes of overtaking Washington.



Thank you for reading! What are your predictions? And do you understand my Wall of Jericho reference? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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