Conjuring the Cockamamie: Jared Polis Warns of Death to Women if His Republican Opponent is Elected



Particularly since the election of Donald Trump, Democrats have been none too shy about making incredibly inane statements. Therefore, it’s not nearly as shocking as it should be to hear Rep. Jared Polis’s recent ode to ridiculousness.


Hoping to clinch the governorship of Colorado, Polis warned Thursday that, if his Republican opponent, Walker Stapleton, is elected, women will literally die:

“If Walker Stapleton was elected, mortality for women would likely go up with these policies he’s advocating, the HIV infection rate would go up.”

Well, then. There ya go: you have to either vote for Polis, or kill ladies.

Easy there, ladykiller!

Unsurprisingly, the statement was rolled out to workers at a Planned Parenthood location in the Rockies.

Polis’s claim followed a comment from an employee of the nation’s largest abortion provider, citing a higher maternal mortality rate in Texas and blaming a lack of fantastic access to Planned Parenthood.

Right. One could easily point to a skyrocketing of mortality in general, where Planned Parenthood’s services are utilized.

[As a side note, abortion is also all about trusting black women (see here).]

Polis’s opponent responded to the murderous assertion, castigating the Democrat for such a crass attempt to garner votes:

“As a husband and a father who reads to his two young girls every night before they go to sleep, it’s disgusting to see Jared Polis sink to such outlandish and false attacks in an attempt to scare women into voting for him. Jared Polis should be ashamed of himself and this revolting comment should be condemned by Coloradans across the political spectrum.”



I don’t understand the Left’s obsession with making sure babies can be aborted. They speak as if it’s the Holy Grail of liberty. Addressing the prospect of conservative Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, Polis contributed to that characterization, with a promise of injecting abortion rights into Colorado law:

“Truly, we will lose the national backdrops of protections we have. We would look forward to enshrining reproductive choice into law so that women can be assured that nine judges in Washington — five judges in Washington — aren’t taking away their rights.”

Jared isn’t exactly a champion of freedom; as I wrote about here, his previous policy pushes include a federal resolution ostensibly against discrimination of gays, poised to strong-arm people of faith into providing services which are in violation of their beliefs.

As for abortion, it should be noted that, according to Republican Susan Collins, Kavanaugh believes Roe to be “settled law.” Furthermore, as Polis referenced, a reversal of the landmark ruling would merely leave the issue up to individual states, rather than make abortion illegal.


It should also be noted that Jared Polis is a doofus.


Thank you for reading! What do you think about Polis’s claim, and about what seems to be an obsession of the Left? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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