Texas Afiya Center Brawls with Logic, Tells Black Women to Abort Their Kids



Ahhh, stories about billboards. Love those (like this one). And tales of black women and left-wing progress (such as this) — fantastic. Here’s a combo of the two. Enjoy.


Apparently, you should #TrustBlackWomen.

You know — because they’re women. And…they’re black.

If you see a black woman, whatever she says, just trust her.

And that goes double, it seems, if she tells you to have an abortion.

Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”

The Afiya Center, which claims that “Girls Just Wanna Have FunDamental Human Rights,” according to its website, “was established in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences worldwide and the extraordinary prevalence of HIV among Black women and girls in Texas.”

That’s mighty specific.


TAC is unique in that it is the only Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women. Our mission is to serve Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of reproduction oppression.

Black women, people. Black women. It’s all about black. And women.

Puerto Rican women? Take a hike. Black men? See ya, hate to be ya.

In the fight against sex-specific, racially-focused reproduction oppression, Afiya wants you to care for yourself. Because of this:

Apparently, “black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves.”

Children partly comprise families. And taking care of oneself = having an abortion.

Therefore, evidently, black women take care of their children by aborting them.

The group’s Facebook page describes the billboard thusly:

The Afiya Center has ALWAYS supported women having access to the FULL SPECTRUM OF REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE SERVICES. Period. This billboard is just a physical representation of language we’ve been using this whole time. We believe the ONLY people who can make decisions about women’s bodies are the women themselves. We are for complete autonomy. COMPLETE AUTONOMY. 100%, with no caveats.

If the word abortion feels like a dog whistle, sit back and ask yourself who programmed you to react that way.

Have a blessed day

Well then…blessings and abortions to you, kind sir and madame.

In the comments below the sign’s photo, Afiya posts a complaint that the majority of people criticizing black women having abortions are…black women:

Do y’all realize the only women who seem to be very against black women accessing the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare services are……..black women? Who taught y’all that the only way to live was your way? Who taught y’all that the only way to engage with other women was to tear them down? When you engage with another woman is this how you act?

The Afiya Center wants all black women to have full access to the healthcare that they need (which is revolutionary in and of itself, considering that black folks don’t generally have consistent healthcare), without any caveats.

So we have to fight against black women, because they are trying to prevent abortions. Fight black women, y’all!!!!

Wait — I thought we’re supposed to #TrustBlackWomen.

As it turns out, we’re only supposed to trust and support black women who support Afiya’s position on abortion, which some other non-female, non-black people also support.

Okay…so then it has nothing to do with black women?

Abortion aside, Afiya has an amazing way of terminating its own argument. Way to take care of yourself, Afiya.

Oh — and for those of you who are uncomfortable with killing babies, Afiya calms your fears:

Bundles of cells aren’t people. Anywho, we believe women should have access to the full access of reproductive healthcare services, period.

If you’re a black woman who disagrees, hit the road, Jack! We don’t need no anti-abortion black women’s ideas! They can’t be trusted.

#TrustBlackWomen #ExceptDon’tTrustBlackWomenWhoDisagreeWithAbortion #AbortBlackWomenBecauseThat’sSelfCare #AbortTheBlackWomenWhoWouldOtherwiseBeTaughtAbortionIsGood #ThereforeOnlyUntrustworthyBlackWomenWillBeBorn

Therefore, eventually no black woman will be trustworthy.

In the meantime, Girls Just Wanna Have FunDamentally Flawed Arguments.


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