Run for the Border? City in Mexico Legalizes Public Intercourse -- and I Don't Mean Conversation



The Left has a very complicated relationship with Mexico. On one hand, if Trump makes any kind of remark insulting the third-world country, they go nuts. Mexico is, we therefore deduce, a wonderful place. At the same time, however, left-wingers claim we must let Mexican natives in, because they’re running for the border for the sake of their children.


Well, which is it?

Maybe the Left will be inclined to pick a lane a little more now, thanks to a new law in comparatively-conservative Guadalajara, population 1.5 million.

According to a recent change to the Bylaws of Good Government’s article 14…well, check it out:

“Having sexual relations or committing acts of exhibitionism of a sexual nature in public places, vacant lots, inside vehicles or in private locations in public view will be considered administrative offenses, as long as a citizen requests police intervention.”

“As long as a citizen requests police intervention.”

In other words, if no one complains, you are welcome to have sex in public.

How very liberal of them.

The city’s stated reason for the legal modification, as per NBC Miami, is actually very Democratish: releasing police from the requirements of stopping out-in-the-open overtures will allow law enforcement to focus on fighting crime.

That sounds remarkably similar to attitudes toward drugs and illegal immigration in the United States. Of course, that take on drugs is also notably libertarian. But if you’re a libertine, you might wanna take a nice, relaxing trip to Guadalajara.


But don’t relax too much — the UK’s Independent cites another reason for the change to law:

“Guadalupe Morfin Otero, the politician who proposed the change, cited a survey among university students in which 90 per cent said they had experienced extortion by officers who accused them of immoral acts or exhibitionism.”

Perhaps Mexico isn’t the city of love, after all.


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