Kansas City Gets Gender-Neutral Bathrooms, and the Whole World Is Insane and Cruel and Making Kids Poop Together



The Left is confused.

Like, really confused.

On one hand, they tell us sex is everything: women are better than men, men victimize and oppress women…


They even tell us that women are a minority, even though there are more women on the planet than there are men.

They tell us men can’t do what women can do. They’re pro-women’s centers, women’s groups, women’s causes.

At the same time, they’re telling us that a man can be a woman if only he puts on a dress. So, if every man on earth just put on a dress, there’d be no oppression of women, because there’d be no men?

And yet, women should’t be expected to have to look how the patriarchal society says they should.

So: a man puts on makeup and a blouse, and voilá — he’s a woman. Because that’s what makes a woman womanly.

But: a woman refuses to wear makeup and a blouse, and good for her — those things don’t define women.

The Left hate the patriarchy, but if that same woman described above — the one who won’t wear eyeshadow and a halter top — says she’s a man, then all of a sudden, her patriarchal existence is recognized with praise.

If a woman who refuses to dress like a woman can still be a woman, and if men are not dressed like women, and if the way you dress defines your sex, then why aren’t men already women??

What in the world is going on????

Well, why not throw children into the mix, with a dash of invasion of privacy?

Make that the main ingredient of privacy invasion.


We all knew it was coming, and in the North Kansas City school district, it’s here. As per the Kansas City Star:

“No more separate restrooms for boys and girls, with rows of feet-showing stalls. The North Kansas City school district is going fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools, opening on Wednesday, as well as in a few renovated restrooms in North Kansas City High School and the sixth-grade centers.”

Because this is an idiotic idea, the stalls have been built to block out intruders, from the floor up to the ceiling. Furthermore, the stalls are lockable.

Yeah — nothing bad can happen here.

Well, unless a guy pushes a girl into the stall, locks the door, and assaults her.

Or unless a guy a exposes himself to a girl.

Or unless girls are humiliated by having to go to the bathroom with boys listening.

Or unless boys are humiliated by having to go to the bathroom with girls listening.

Or unless any parents let their children attend these schools.

But other than that, they’re golden.

A sign on the wall indicates both male and female.

What about shemale? Or xermale? Or nomale? Or femore? Where does it end?

Kansas isn’t exactly the Bible Belt; actually, I’m trying to shock you into reality here…in truth, some people consider Kansas City, Missouri part of the Bible Belt; and in 2015, its Oak Park high school became one of the first in the nation to crown a guy in a dress as homecoming queen.


Way to take that from the girls, via cultural Marxist patriarchal imperialism, fellas. I mean, felines, I mean shem…uh…I refer you back to the first lines of this article.

Nevertheless, Rochel Daniels, executive director of organizational devlopment, says this stuff:

“We had such positive feedback from students, teachers and parents. Since then we have decided to replicate the concept in any new construction.”

That’s grrrrreat.

So says Melanie Austin, whose little ball of female innocence will be starting first grade at Crestview Elementary:

“You just don’t know what gender a kid might identify as. This helps everyone to feel comfortable, accepted.”

What does that have to do with forcing the sexes to poop in the same room as each other????

And that makes everyone feel comfortable??

And what are they accepting? The sounds and smells of one another’s pooping????

‘Cause, you know, that’s what folks do in bathrooms. I mean, that’s what we’re talking about here.

What is wrong with people?

Or maybe I’m wrong. You tell me.

But before you do, let me add this: in 2016, North Kansas City took its first stab at gender-neutral bathrooms with the newly-opening Northland Innovation Center for gifted students.

So: have an especially high IQ, Samantha? Work especially hard at your studies, Jesslyn? Then POOP IN FRONT OF FRANCO! NOW!!!! That’s what you get!!!!



Now that I’ve said all that, let me say this: the “stalls” portrayed in the news video below are almost restrooms unto themselves, to a point that it’s nearly as if they are simply multiple one-person facilities which just happen to not have sinks. Nevertheless, the locked-door issue is still disconcerting, and, I believe it stands to reason, this is an ushering of a concept which — upon further incorporation — will eventually involve stalls far less fortress-like than these. You can see a step further in that direction in the video from YouTube LA at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think of all this in the Comments section below.

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