Revelation, in More Ways Than One: Joy Behar Defends Roseanne, Meghan McCain Brings Fire and Fury



Was it Opposite Day??

On Friday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain attacked Roseanne Barr, and Joy Behar defended her.


This just isn’t proper. Joy is supposed to strike at everything even remotely related to Donald Trump, his supporters, Republicans…and she knows this.


But the world was not right on Friday.

Roseanne appeared with Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday to discuss the tweet against former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett that got her sacked from her hit television revival two months ago (which Jerry Seinfeld thought was unnecessary, as covered here). Check out HuffPost’s characterization. Note the sinister music:

People in the news continue to refer to the comedian’s “racist” tweet, but — as repeated in the video above — Roseanne has said she didn’t realize Jarrett was even black.

I believe her.

Barr has claimed she thought Jarrett to be Jewish, like herself.

Here’s an economical snippet of the Hannity interview:

In her late-night tweet, the television icon compared Jarrett’s looks to that of a character in the movie Planet of the Apes. It wasn’t nice; but it makes no sense to call it racist, if the intention wasn’t so. Personally, I give Roseanne the benefit of the doubt.

McCain isn’t quite so interested in the details.

She told guest Rabbi Schmuley Boteach that, well, Roseanne stinks:

“I understand everything you’re saying about forgiveness, but I’m a Republican on The View, and every day, I come on here trying to tell people Trump supporters and Republicans were nuanced. It’s not just one blanket thing, and I was so excited when [Roseanne’s show] first came on, and I really liked it because I thought it was a reflection of the middle of the country.”


Okay, that’s not so bad…but:

“And the problem I have right now is, Roseanne is every gross stereotype I’m trying to get people to go away from. Her tweet, a lot of the incendiary things she has said about Jewish people, obviously about Valerie Jarrett. So, it’s hard for me to come back, and it’s not even about forgiveness for me. … It’s more that I don’t want her to be associated with the Republican party in any way.”

The rabbi went to bat for Rosey:

“Roseanne has no history of bigotry, no history of prejudice, no history of racism.”

Nevertheless, Roseanne won’t be getting a humanitarian award from Meghan any time soon:

“[She] dressed up like Hitler with cookies that looked like Jewish people from the ovens. That’s not a kind person that would do something like that.”

Okay…that stunt wasn’t so fair and balanced (just as Disney wasn’t in the aftermath of the tweet, as written about here).

And then, it happened: left-wing, Trump-hating Behar leapt to Roseanne’s defense. She expressed faith in Barr’s apology:

“Well, she did the forgiveness — I think she asked for it last night on Hannity’s show, and it looked like to me that it was sincere.”

McCain was unmoved.

“My issue is, people can choose to forgive what they want. I want her to stay the hell out of my lane in Republican politics, because she’s making everything worse.”



Joy, with the return:

“Yeah, but does she have to suffer anymore? She has apologized.”

To be clear, Roseanne has not expressed remorse for that of which she has been accused. Rather, she has apologized as well as explained that she didn’t do what people thought she did: she was insulting Jarrett’s looks because she disagrees with her politics.

Also, I like Meghan McCain, and I admire her guts for taking a job on that liberal cacklefest known as The View.


I can’t believe I’m writing this…

I’m afraid if I type the words, the moon may turn to blood.

Here it goes…I’m sincerely sorry if I cause the Seventh Seal…

I’m actually on the side of Joy Behar here. Roseanne has suffered much for her debacle (like MSNBC’s treatment of her, for example, as covered here), and I wish no further weight upon her. Meghan is right — the tweet cast a shadow on Republicans, due to the depiction of it by the media — people like (normally) Joy Behar. But I’m going with Behar on this one.

We can’t let the media determine what we do; they lie and propagandize; and if we throw one of our own under the bus in order to distance ourselves and stop some of the press’s arrows, they win. With regard to Roseanne in this situation, I believe we should do what the Left claims we’re incapable of doing: caring, and extending a helping hand. That’s what Roseanne needs now. And it’s what I want to do.


How about you? What do you think of this whole dust-up? Whose side do you favor? Joy or Meghan? Roseanne is the first to admit she’s a flawed and sometimes troubled person; is she welcome among those who support the President? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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