Family Reunification Deadline is Met with 'I Am a Child' March

Families march past the U.S. Capitol as they protest the separation of immigrant families, Thursday, July 26, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. The Trump administration faces a court-imposed deadline Thursday to reunite thousands of children and parents who were forcibly separated at the U.S.-Mexico border, an enormous logistical task brought on by its "zero tolerance" policy on illegal entry. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)



The U.S. government is quickly approaching a deadline. In fact, by the time you read this, it will have been reached.

By 6pm Thursday, children and their parents are supposed to have been united, having been separated — not by the policy of Donald Trump, as many have suggested, but rather, by the left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (see here for an explanation).


In honor of the deadline (which is a really cozy way of introducing this), a protest hit the streets: the “I am a child” march in D.C.

A more accurate name for the event might be “I am a parent who sneaked into another country illegally and got put in jail, and that country didn’t jail children.” Another could be “Democrats separated my family.” Horribly, it could also be that, in some situations, “I am a child” should be “I am a child who was kidnapped and smuggled into a foreign country for the sex trade.”

Earlier this month, a federal judge denied the Trump administration’s request for an extension in reuniting children who were, according to a court ruling, separated from their law-breaking, imprisoned parents or guardians (see here).

The reunification isn’t going to appease the protesters; the Left (and some on the Right) attacked the law demanding family separation, so Trump signed an executive order to halt it (see here). Predictably, and yet mind-numbingly, as soon as he signed the order (which then put children in prison), the Left attacked the reverse of what they had attacked the day before (I kid you not; see here). This is fairly related to my article yesterday about the Left and their wall against truth.

The deadline is apparently coming a bit too quickly for the White House: according to CNN, when the clock strikes 6, more than 900 parents will still not have been reunited with their children. Here are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Some parents cannot be found.
  • Some moms or dads have criminal records or have already been deported without their kids.

You can see some video from the march at the event’s Facebook page.

Vox reported in June that 2,342 children had been separated from parents at the U.S. border.

To some, that number was staggering due to the heartbreak of separation. To others, it was an alarming indication of how many people are trying to sneak into this joint.

The march was sponsored by Families Belong Together. No word on whether there’s an organization called Families Belong Together in the Country Legally.

Shirts proclaiming “I Am a Child” were very popular at the rally. So was not making much sense — nobody in Washington ordered family separation. That came from a West Coast court. The government has been trying to unite families safely, using DNA testing so a youngster isn’t carried off by a stranger.

But just to be clear, if you don’t stand with Families Belong Together, by the way, you don’t care about babies:

Note that the above tweet blames Republicans for family separation, even though it is the product of a left-wing court decision during the Obama presidency, reinterpreting a law made by a 2008 Democratic Congress, based on a settlement by the Clinton administration.


That’s, um, what do you call it? Oh, yeah: ignorance. Or worse: a lie. Either way, the result is the further spread of misinformation.

I’m not suggesting, by the way, that children should be taken from their parents. But understanding how this happened, in my view, goes a long way. It’s a complicated issue. In the U.S., when a parent who is a legal citizen goes to jail, meaney Donald Trump doesn’t let the kids go, too. And that is essentially what “family detention” is. Therefore, we have “family separation.” In other words, kids can’t be put in jail because their parents committed a crime. Such was the case at the border as well, until the executive order changed that.


Regardless, here’s to hoping all children are united soon.

What do think of the protest today? Please sound off in the Comments section.

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