Can the Democrats Take the House? Fundraising Is on Their Side, but They Aren't



According to recent fundraising reports analyzed by The Hill, more than 50 Democrats running for seats in the House outraised their incumbent Republican opponents.


Such was the case for 2018’s second quarter.

In fact, between April and June, twenty-one candidates garnered more than $1 million each.

Most of the fundraising phenomenons reside in top swing states — New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, and Ohio. These states will be of critical importance in November, determining whether Democrats gain a majority. As it stands, they are 24 seats away from doing so.

In California, five of the eight top raisers are vying for positions in areas that voted for Hillary in 2016.

Six such candidates are racing for a win in Texas, with half in pro-Clinton districts.

On the other side, only one potentially incoming Republican has raised more than their Democratic incumbent: Pennsylvania’s John Chrin has, so far, bested Democrat Matt Cartwright. By $50,000.

However, fundraising is only part of the battle; most sitting Republicans have more cash on-hand than the aspiring Democrats. Only 14 Democratic newcomers have more green than their established Republican foes.

Things are heating up as we approach November.

However, it seems the Democrats have peaked early — since 2016, they have lost their minds, calling Trump sexist, racist…they’ve been headed toward that point where they have nowhere left to go. On Monday, they topped out: treason.


Unless the Democrats can somehow biologically prove the President is the spawn of Satan, they’re out of ammo. It’s all downhill from here (covered also from a presidential race point of view in this article).

Or is it?

Am I wrong?

Let me know in the Comments. We’ve got 4 months to go. In a world with a 17-minute news cycle. I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

For a few examples along the timeline of their premature max-out, please see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Whoa.

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