Trump Sets the Date to Announce His Supreme Court Nominee



President Trump has set a date for the naming of his Supreme Court nominee.

Since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, the President has been whittling away at options and told reporters on Air Force One, “I’ve got it narrowed to about five.”


He said his top picks include two women.

This is Trump’s second time to weigh in on one of the most important decisions the Leader of the Free World can make.

After the shocking passing of Justice Antonin Scalia last year, The Donald chose Neil Gorsuch, who — at only 49 — became the youngest sitting justice since Clarence Thomas. As you may remember, Trump’s pick elicited this response from conservatives:

Of the last 17 justices appointed to the high court, Republicans have nominated 13. Trump’s decision could guarantee conservative control.

By the way — you want a reason to smile? Here ya go:

Moving on…

Being that Trump was previously a Democrat, some naysayers doubted his commitment to conservative principles when he ran for the 2016 presidency. However, the truth is, he has been a remarkably conservative President.

With so many things coming down the pike — from contentions of religious freedom to a possible review of abortion, Trump’s Supreme Court choice is of supreme importance. So far, his performance as President has stayed pretty close to his promises as a candidate. Therefore, if I had to predict an outcome to Trump’s July 9th announcement, to use his words, I’ve got it narrowed to about…



Who do you want Trump to pick? Do you have faith he will choose a justice in line with conservative ideals? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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