Gay Pride: The Governors' Race Makes History

As indicated in my Wednesday article on Jared Polis, a record number of gays have won gubernatorial nominations this year.

In fact, until now, we hadn’t broken the record number of one.


Polis — who has a history fighting what he’s referred to as “so-called” religious freedom (read my Polis article here) — has in fact become only the second openly gay man to ever win a major party’s nomination. The other is Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine.

In addition to Polis, two women have secured nominations for the 2018 November ballot.

In Texas, former Dallas County Sheriff — and “out” lesbian — Lupe Valdez snagged the Democrats’ endorsement. The 70-year-old rings the minority bell in three different ways, if you count her sexual proclivities, according to the Left: she is gay, Hispanic (which is, incidentally, not a race), and female. Oddly, women are actually the majority of Americans. But that’s one thing about the identity-politics-obsessed Left — don’t confuse them with the facts.

Added to the list of gays clinching nominations this year is Oregon Governor Kate Brown. She already has her seat of power, and she plans to hold on to it.  Speaking of holding onto seats (sorry), Brown is bisexual.

The nation’s first gay gubernatorial win was that of New Jersey’s Jim McGreevey, who poll-tested the phrase “I am a gay American” for the speech in which he resigned due to scandal. Jim’d had an extramarital affair with another dude, who he’d made Homeland Security Advisor despite a lack of relevant qualifications.


Back in 2004, coming out was something you did as you were going out — as was McGroovy. I mean, McGreevey.

These days, people are slinging rainbows going in.

The times, they are a-changin’.

What do you think of this change across the (Democratic) political landscape? Is this a positive evolution from a voting standpoint, emphasizing governing capability rather than ancillary notions? Do you foresee a similar change soon — be it in voting or candidacy — in the Republican Party?

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