Governor Jared Polis? The War Against Religious Freedom Could be Shifting Gears


In April of 2015, a RedState Diary was published telling of the anti-liberty ambition of Democratic Representative Jared Polis. The Colorado politician was, at the time, pushing a federal resolution against discrimination of gays, forcing Christians to provide services which were in violation of their faith. Fast forward to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the favor of Christian bakers, and one might think a significant battle is over.


However, this is a fight which will no doubt continue, in one form or another (for a perfect example of this conflict in the private sector, this is a must-see).

Polis certainly isn’t done; on Tuesday, he became the third homosexual to win a gubernatorial nomination this year, vying for head-honcho status in his home state. This is the first year in American history when more than one openly gay person has won a nomination.

In the election, Polis will be facing Walker Stapleton, a first-term state treasurer and the second cousin of ol’ Georg W. Bush.

In 2015, Polis referred to “so-called” religious freedom. If he wins the governorship, who knows where he’ll take the state. If he wants to continue the scrap with freedom, watch out, Jack.


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