CBS Praises Pistol-Packing Pastor, Spotlights the Best Hero Story You'll Hear All Week


Prepare for a shock: on CBS This Morning Thursday, a good guy with a gun was hailed as a hero.

After a Father’s Day sermon Sunday, David George, the concealed-carrying pastor of an Assembly of God Church in Oakville, Washington, went to Walmart with his family.


While he was standing near the store’s customer service desk, gunshots rang out from the back of the building. He watched his daughter and granddaughter run through the exit, but his wife was nowhere in view.

Unbeknownst to George, local resident Tim O. Day, 44 — a man with a criminal record which included felony assault, death threats, and a domestic violence restraining order — had shot at vehicles, crashed his own car into another, and attempted multiple carjackings until he commandeered the vehicle which had brought him to Walmart.

The gunfire was Day shooting open a display case filled with ammunition.

Soon thereafter, according to George in a press conference Wednesday, Day made his way out:

“The gunman came past me, waving and pointing his gun, and exited the building.”

As Day attempted more carjackings in the parking lot — shooting a man twice, in the shoulder and the side — George and another armed man partnered and followed him. Day moved toward an area where George thought his family might be; the pastor took position, shooting and killing Day.

George told his partner to stay with the criminal while he retrieved his medical kit and aided the man who’d been shot.


You know why? As it turns out, George was built for heroism:  in addition to being a pastor saving souls, he’s also a gun-range safety officer trained in active shooter situations (to save the defenseless), a fireman (to save the helpless), and a trained EMT (to save the injured).

On CBS This Morning, co-host Gayle King had this to say:

“The pastor who is being called a hero for killing a carjacker at a Walmart near Seattle is speaking out. David George says he heard gunshots inside the store on Sunday, and then he saw the suspect run out pointing a gun. He says the gunman tried to break into two cars and shot and critically wounded one person. George, who legally carries a gun, fired to stop the shooter.”

In a clip of the conference played on the morning show, George described why he carries a gun:

“I am grieved that the shooter’s reckless actions endangered and hurt numerous individuals and demanded that he be stopped before doing more harm. I carry a firearm for the same reason I carry a first aid bag, hoping to never have to use them but always being prepared nonetheless.”


The news has been full of insanity and hate as of late. The story of David George and his heroic deed is a breath of fresh air, as is CBS This Morning’s positive portrayal of a good guy with a gun.

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