Trump Buckles, Too Late to be a Hero and Too Early to be Strong


On Wednesday, the Associate Press reported that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was composing an executive order to keep families together at the Mexican border (the action has since been signed).


Trump has moved his line in the sand for immigration reform.

In a tweet, the President blamed Democrats:

“The Fake News is not mentioning the safety and security of our Country when talking about illegal immigration. Our immigration laws are the weakest and worst anywhere in the world, and the Dems will do anything not to change them & to obstruct-want open borders which means crime!”

The press have relentlessly attacked Trump over the country’s adherence to a 2008 law — re-interpreted by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and based on the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement (read more here) — which prevents children from being imprisoned. Earlier this month, the AP revealed that nearly 2,000 children had been separated from their families over the span of about 6 weeks.

To be clear, that headline should have read something like this:


“Parents of Nearly 2,000 Children Have Broken Immigration Law and, Therefore, Been Jailed.”

Trump has held out on enacting change at the border, despite the condemnation, leveraging the situation for an immigration bill meeting his standard of four pillars (see those here). However, members of his own party turned against him (exemplified here).

Putting the actual issue of family separation aside for a moment, strictly politically speaking, the executive order seems to be a bad move. The President is showing the Democrats that he can be beaten. He is illustrating a weakness which they will not forget.

There is a saying: “In order to be strong, you have to stay strong.”

Previously, Trump has remained a perfect 10 of stubbornness. His resolve was as sure as the fact that Viva paper towels are the best–

Have you ever tried Viva? They are hands-down superior. Forget the rest; it’s Viva, all the way.

But as for Viva Mexico! and the issue at the border:

If Trump had refused to cave, turning pressure over to the Democrats for a satisfactory bill, they would have remembered that.

But now, they’ve discovered a baseball bat to the kneecaps will drop The Donald. Not good.


Furthermore, what will he get out of this? Praise for saving the children? Not a chance; he waited too long.

But he couldn’t have won with that move, regardless: if he’d done it before family separation was a national moan, the media would never have covered his action; and if he’d done it 2 seconds after the left-wing cries, they’d have said he only acted because they forced him to.

Again, purely from a strategic standpoint, this is not good. As for a moral one, well…

What do you think? Did Trump do the right thing, either strategically or morally? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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