This Woman Inseminated This Man, So He Could Give Birth Using His Vagina. As You Do.


In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a story to warm your heart.

With indigestion.

On CNN’s website, the Crazy News Network ran a piece about a man who had a child and wants his son to call him “Dad.” That’s relatively mundane, but then there’s this: the man gave birth to the child. Out of his vagina. Having used his cervix, his fallopian tubes, his ovaries…


Oh, and also: he breastfed his son.

It’s odd — in days gone by, people just called that a woman.

But not today! And not at CNN, Jack!

The 24-year-old woman — calling herself Sabastion — was in the midst of “transitioning” into a man, when she took the time to hook up with a man “transitioning” into a woman. That man stopped taking hormones long enough to, well…they had sex — you know, with her penis and his vagina.

And now there’s a little boy, whose dad wants to be called Mom and whose mom wants to be called Dad.

The article is titled “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man.”

According to CNN, dads who are moms have a few extra problems:

“Like many new dads, Sabastion Sparks knew parenting would come with serious challenges. But most new dads didn’t give birth to their child. They didn’t breastfeed them.”

That’s certainly true: most new dads didn’t give birth to their child.

In fact, NO new dads gave birth to their child.

But, hey — moms who are dads just want the same things for the kids that everyone else wants:

“[Sabastion] wants Jaxen, their 20-month-old son, to have ‘as normal a childhood as possible,’ suggesting that a more ‘comfortable’ Sparks can now better provide that normal childhood.

“‘I’m going to be a better father being comfortable in myself and him seeing that confidence in me,’ said Sparks.”


Thankfully, she’s going to be a better father. SHEW!

Its gets better/worse:

“Sparks wants to teach Jaxen how to pee standing up, which Sparks executes with the help of a detachable prosthetic. ‘The more my body resembles his, the better he’ll understand,’ said Sparks.”

Right. He’ll “better…understand.”

This is who’s having kids, ladies and gentleman.

Dear Future,

You got some weird stuff comin,’ Buddy.

Sabastion and her lover, Angel, were no doubt thilled by the pregnancy — Sabastion initially had a miscarriage. That’s probably very hard on a man.

Here’s one last quote from the article:

“Not all transgender people choose to have surgery as part of a gender transition, and Sabastion knows looks shouldn’t matter. But he worries that the scornful way some people treat him could get passed down to Jaxen. That’s not what he wants for his son. … ‘My son won’t see breasts on his dad. He won’t be as different from me.'”

On the contrary, he will see breasts on his dad — his father, Angel.

Sabastion knows looks shouldn’t matter. And yet, she believes looks should matter so much that she wears men’s clothing, had her breasts chopped off, has a man’s haircut, took drugs to grow hair on her body and face…all with great effort against the norm, all so she can appear as a man.


If appearance didn’t matter, wouldn’t she be comfortable appearing as the woman she is?

Yes, she would.

But she aint:

Does this article make sense to you? How about this one, about a teacher who was recently fired for not affirming his cross-dressing students’ dream of being the opposite sex? And please — sound off in the Comments section below.

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