November Ballot Revolution: Could California Be Separated into Three States?


Major opportunity: in November, voters (such as myself) in California will get to decide on something completely ridiculous. Actually, come to think of it, we have that chance during every election.


“CAL 3” proponents have collected enough signatures to make its desired segmenting of the state eligible for the November 6th ballot box bonanza.

Backers of the initiative claim it garnered more than 600,000 John Hancocks, which dwarfed the 365,000 required for ballot eligibility.

They shouldn’t celebrate just yet, however: even if the plan were confirmed by voters, Congress would have to approve the redistricting of the West Coast.

The proposal aims to separate the Golden State into near-equal thirds. Los Angeles County would remain in “California,” while the Bay Area would belong to Northern California and Southern California would include Fresno.

Claiming the state was increasingly “ungovernable,” venture capitalist and rezoning initiator Tim Draper made a similar attempt in 2012 and 2014 (at that time, to create six new states) yet saw many of his signatures invalidated to the detriment of the effort.

Draper made a statement after the signatures were gathered in April:

“The unanimous support for CAL 3 from all 58 of California’s counties to reach this unprecedented milestone in the legislative process is the signal that, across California, we are united behind CAL 3 to create a brighter future for everyone.”


I’d love to see California become three states. It would certainly change the electoral college arrangement, possibly giving Northern or Southern California the chance to become red states. More importantly, those areas would have the hope of a legislature which would do better than the socialists currently in charge. Sadly, Los Angeles would be in even worse shape, being that it would exist in a state that was almost wholly gone to pot.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what I’d love, or what you’d love, either: the initiative will never pass the muster of the voters. And CAL 3 will go down as yet one more goofy ballot box entry in the history of goofy California.

But even so:

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