IHOP is Now IHOB, and This is What the 'B' Stands For

This photo taken Thursday, May 11, 2017, shows an IHOP sign at a restaurant in Hialeah, Fla. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Well, it’s official: The International House of Pancakes is now IHOB.

The news has flown around the ‘net for a week now, leading to the big reveal today, answering the on-everyone’s-lips question: What does the “B” stand for?


Many had guessed “breakfast.”

Many were wrong.

In fact, the decision to replace the elegant IHOP with the dorky IHOB — which takes the frivolous suggestion of hoppin’ on over to eat some pancakes and turns it into the laborious job of hobbling to your favorite ill-named restaurant — is all about burgers.

According to CNBC, the switch is a sinister attempt to lure hungry people into the establishment after the breakfast rush.

IHOP has been serving burgers since 1958.

Hey, IHOP — I mean, IHOB — if they haven’t come by now, they’re probably not coming.

But you gotta give ’em credit for a really long span of faith. I’m still hoping to meet the Munsters, from when I was little, watching them in re-runs. I’d almost given up hope, but IHOP has renewed my optimism. Thanks for leading by example. It’s all about lifestyle evangelism.

If you immediately hate IHOB, have no fear: the name is only temporary. CNBC says this:

“The company changed its Twitter handle as well as the signage at its flagship location in Hollywood. However, in its most recent press release, IHOP noted that ‘IHOb’ is a slogan of IHOP and the name change is just ‘for the time being.'”


That’s right — Ultimate Steakburgers. The chain is adding not six, but seven new burgers to its menu. Why? Because, as per The NPD Group, 33% of total food service traffic is for lunch.

What’s wrong with breakfast for lunch? It’s a delight.

Nevertheless, IHOB will now offer a Swiss and mushroom burger, a jalapenos and pepper jack cheese number, and a burger topped with BBQ sauce and onion rings.

As for the name change, however soon the company will return to IHOP, it can’t be soon enough. If I want a burger, I’ll go to In-N-Out. But actually, this article has left me with breakfast on the brain; I think I might just head into Hollywood for some bancakes.


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