Don't Freak Out, but MSNBC Just Compared Trump to This


On MSNBC’s The 11th Hour Tuesday, Brian Williams made a breathtaking comparison with regard to President Donald Trump.

Oh — and he also made a comparison that has been made by the Left a million times.


Oh — and they’re the same comparison.


During a discussion about the NFL setting guidelines against kneeling during the National Anthem, Williams said the league caved to the President like Joe Kennedy accommodated a certain aspiring painter of the 1930’s. With a goofy mustache.

Ridiculously feigning astonishment while speaking to contributor Charlie Sykes, Williams acted as if he’d never heard of the NFL issue before:

“Think of the collateral demage, Charlie: football players have been accused of…lacking patriotism! They’ve been…accused of being anti-military!”

Charlie set the record straight, as…uh…people on news shows do:

“Well, first of all, we ought to note that this is a lie.”

Concerning Trump’s disinviting the team to an event at the White House Monday, Sykes pointed out that Eagles players had not taken a knee in the previous season. However:

  • Eagles players had indeed sided with the protest.
  • Trump didn’t cancel the Eagles invitation based on them kneeling.

Here, in a photo from last October, Malcom Jenkins — who had said he would not visit a Trump White House — is seen joining a teammate with fists in the air to protest.

About Jenkins, The New York Times wrote on May 25th:

“His raised fist during the playing of the National Anthem before games in October and November became one of the enduring images of this most political of N.F.L. seasons.”


Trump tweeted a reason the Eagles were disinvited:

Also, many also speculated the team had planned to decline Trump’s invitation en masse at the last moment, so as to embarrass the President.

Continuing the conversation, Sykes deduced, about Trump:

“Gracious surrender doesn’t get you want you want. He sees that as a sign of weakness, and he doubles down.”

Then Brian Williams dropped an H-bomb. H, for the man with the mustache:

“Didn’t work for Joesph P. Kennedy in the years before World War II, either.”



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