Santa Fe Tragedy and the Mind of the Left: a Primer


The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

That is the overwhelming conclusion from the media coverage of Fridays’ shooting in Texas. Horribly, ten were killed at Santa Fe High School; immediately, the Left — in the political, news, and entertainment realms — began their quest for your guns.


They want your guns.

They want your guns.

And why?

Because, to some people walking around at this very moment, the way to solve the problem of one bad guy with a gun who is willing to break the law by murdering the masses…is to disarm all good people with guns who are willing to follow the law and capable of defending themselves.

The logic of this escapes me.

And, probably, you.

But somehow, there are brains floating in fluid inside skulls all over this continent, which have reached this conclusion.

They want your guns.

And they want them now.

Anything less is unacceptable.


Therefore, during MSNBC’s reporting on the tragedy today, former ATF agent and NBC law enforcement pundit Jim Cavanaugh used the opportunity to bash President Trump for his expressed sympathy for the victims:

“So these are ongoing, ongoing issues. And you know, we’re just not getting the politicians to stand up. I mean, the President — those are empty words.”

“Empty words,” because you still have your guns.

And the Left want your guns.

Host Ali Velshi agreed with Cavanaugh: “Yep.”

The guest continued:

“They don’t walk the talk, they do not walk the talk. They talk, they talk, it’s all empty.”

“[Walking] the talk,” meaning taking your guns.

I wish taking the guns of good people would magically eliminate gun crime committed by bad people. That would eliminate, for self-defense purposes, the need of good people to have guns in the first place.

However, if all the guns are taken from all the good people, bad people are still going to use guns to murder good people. And, if commons sense plays any part, they will kill more good people, because those good people will be unarmed.


At that point, we’ll be in a worse situation than now. And we will have wasted time, effort, and resources on making the world an even less safe place.

Nevertheless, no amount of this rationale will reach the made-up minds to the contrary.

Am I saying our gun laws are perfect? No way. The state of mental health care? Not by a long shot. All I’m saying is this:

They. Want. Your. Guns.


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