Operation: CNN Forgoes Concern for Melania Trump in Favor of This

On Monday morning, at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, America’s First Lady underwent minimally invasive surgery to treat a benign kidney condition.


Later that evening, a panel assembled on Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight to discuss Melania’s procedure.

One can only imagine the reverence journalist Brian Karem, author April Ryan, White House reporter Kate Bennett, and chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta would have shown, had the operation been on Michelle Obama.

However, being that the situation involved the wife of President Donald Trump, not much concern was to be found.

Among a collaborative disdain, left-wing host Don Lemon inferred the President doesn’t care much for his wife. Trump tweeted about Melania’s procedure, Lemon noted, “after first taking time to send a tweet trashing leakers” and merely “going to Walter Reed following the procedure.”

April Ryan pointed out that the office of the First Lady reported news of the medical development after 3 p.m., due to the President having a full day of work. This, according to Ryan, suggested Trump’s questionable concern:

“That’s when we hear! This President is unique in the way he handles things, but he does things. I mean, he’s unique but he also stays true to himself. You know, I mean, anything can happen and it’s like he focuses — he has a laser focus on that and we’ve heard he did call the First Lady this morning and he checked in with doctors. But still the day was going on, and then after it was announced he focused attention. It’s just– he’s very interesting. We’ve never seen anything like this before. But he did go, he did go to see her.”


Brian Karem could only wait so long before ditching all thought of the First Lady and going after the President:

“[Y]ou saw the contrast in the two offices and how they react to the things today, and you go back to the President’s tweet before he tweeted about his wife about leakers and such, and how he’s going to — look, the biggest leaker is the President of the United States, and that has shown in everything he’s done…[T]he very first promise this President made was to bring this country together at a very divisive time, and he has not done that. And why? Because he won’t tell us the truth. He will not tell the American people the truth. Some people are fine with that, and some people are not fine with that. … You can’t even deal with the politics of this President because you can’t get past the fact he won’t tell the truth. And secondly — and probably the most important thing I have to ask — is, will the President of the United States have the courage to show up in his own pressroom and take questions from the press? He’s had one open press conference in a year and a half, and he needs to be accountable to the American people, and he needs to answer our questions.”


So much for Melania.

The Right has its Never-Trumpers; and the Left can’t be expected to adore a Republican leader. But, it seems to me, the scornful attacks on our President do nothing to help the country, let alone unite it. CNN and its guests refuse to let up, just as they fiercely decline to give him credit for what he is, in a way they say is good: he’s a man who loves immigrants so much, he married one. Twice. The Left would prefer to dispatch with any observance of his virtue — as well as much consideration for our nation’s treasured documented alien at 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd. — in favor of perpetual hostility toward callous Donald Immigrant-hating Trump.



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