Denial: 'The View' Refuses This Great News for Blacks Under Trump

[Screenshot from The View via MRCTV,]
[Screenshot from The View via MRCTV,]


The View is a place where left-wing women gather daily with their sporting guns of denial, ready to shoot down facts like so many skeet in the air. May 7th was no exception.

The episode’s summary: actually, noevery episode’s summary:

Democrats are right, Republicans are wrong. The Left is good, the Right is bad. Obama made everything wonderful, Trump makes everything terrible.

But if you’re interested in a further breakdown:

In Monday’s installment, long-time co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought up a recent Reuters-Ipsos poll which indicates growing approval for President Trump among black American males. Unsurprisingly, the panel dismissed any notion of positive change for blacks since the advent of Trump’s White House win, despite a 6.6 unemployment rate — the lowest since 1972 — announced by the Labor Department Friday.

Joy Behar, ever opposed to anything positive which could possibly manifest from The Donald, asserted, “You know what that’s called? It’s called the Big Lie. They’ve used it in other dictatorships.”

Wait– what?

Other dictatorships? Behar may be relieved to learn America isn’t a dictatorship.

“You keep lying and lying and lying,” she continued.

“Yeah,” guest conservative co-host and noted Trump critic Amanda Carpenter affirmed. “A lot of people go along with it.”

Liberal attorney Sunny Hostin prepared her pump-action negation of the gospel, and fired expertly:

“But, you know, if it’s true, the premise is somehow that Trump has somehow done so much for the African-American community, and I just don’t see it.”

Of course she doesn’t.

Whoopi metaphorically high-fived her fellow shooter:

“I don’t think anybody in their right mind can point to anything!”

Hostin aimed again:

“That’s the thing. You have some conservative commentators, somehow pundits, saying that yes, the unemployment rate is lower now in the African-American community. Which, it’s really the same under — Obama, of course.”

Amanda Carpenter threw Trump a bone…

“The economy is doing well, though. We can give Trump that, but we can’t give him every other thing –”

…but Whoopi Goldberg grabbed the bone and ran off with it:

“No, no, no! We can’t give him that! The economy has been getting better for the last — I don’t know. 15 years?”

Then came a fight, courtesy of the reared and ugly head of reality.

“It got suddenly better after Barack Obama left the White House,” Carpenter pointed out.

Whoopi prepared a 12-gauge assault on actuality.

“It didn’t get suddenly better. What are you talking about?”

Amanda explained, “Sure it did. There was a ‘Trump bump’ that happened as soon as Donald Trump came in. The stock market went crazy, and they said, some people were saying, ‘It’s so good, it’s going to crash soon.'”

“No. You know what?” Whoopi asked, “it always bumps with a new president. But he didn’t bring anything new.”

“This was different, because corporate America knew they were going to take the stranglehold of regulation off them,” Carpenter explained. “They knew Republicans were intent on changing the tax code, and they made a lot of investments based on that. There was a change. That was because of the new administration.”

Triggered, Whoopi triggered:

“I disagree, but that’s okay.”

Another day, another ton of grounded rubble from the clay targets of offensive, abject truth.