The View's Meghan McCain Brings Down the House -- and Joy Behar, Too

On Thursday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain spoke sense into the madness of cacklefest queen Joy Behar’s suggested moral equivalency between Donald Trump and dictatorial war criminals.

The segment began with show mainstay Whoopi Goldberg accusing The Donald of broadcasting his military maneuvers, despite his past criticism of Obama for the same. On April 11th, Trump tweeted the promise of a missile attack against Syria in response to President Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s supposed gassing of his own people, alerting Syrian ally Russia in light of its commitment to shoot down any fired aggression toward the Arabic nation:

Goldberg noted President Trump had defended his reveal as a promise only of what — not when — on Twitter the following day:

After some much-enjoyed leftwing laughter, the hosts — sans McCain — began their pile-on.

Sara Haines marveled at the Commander-in-Chief’s ability to scare her, regardless of his actions:

“You know, what’s funny is, I kind of remember the good ol’ days when he was friends with dictators. ‘Cause now that he’s threatening them, I don’t know which one’s scarier.”

“Good point! Good point!” liberal lawyer Sunny Hostin cheered.

Joining the assault, Behar clucked out a notion that ultimately riled lone conservative McCain:

“Well, we’ve gotten to the point in this world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong-un and Putin, over the President of the United States.”

Whoopi added, “If you’re going to wag yourself around and say, ‘I’m a big guy,’ then don’t not point out that other folks have had to do the same thing.”

“It’s hypocrisy,” Hostin affirmed.

Meghan couldn’t hold back any longer:

“That’s not my issue. My issue is the moral relativism between someone like Kim Jong-un and Putin and President Trump. I think it’s easy to sort of sit here and say that, but the reason why the Syrian ref–“

Joy interrupted, “Why, why, why, why? You think Kim Jong-un is less moral than Trump?”

“Oh, my God,” McCain gasped. “I mean, Putin — the aiding and abetting of Assad right now…”

“On what topic? On what topic?” challenged Behar.

And then, Meghan dropped the hammer:

“Chemical gassing of children. Last time I checked, America isn’t doing that to anyone. And I think the moral relativism of that…Joy…I’m really trying right now. And I know…there’s some frustration about the way we’re communicating about this, and I completely understand it. But I will say, it’s hard for me to sit here with moral relativism about many things with Trump. If you think that Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Bashar al-Assad, and President Trump are the exact same thing, it’s when you lose all arguments with me, in every way.”

Surprisingly — given the show’s consistently left-centric audience — the crowd went wild.

Joy retorted with inanity, declaring, “What I’m saying is that I see that the two of them are backing off of war, and I see Trump provoking war.”

McCain schooled Behar further:

“Trump is not provoking. Do you know how you’re provoked to war? By the aiding and abetting…Assad would not have the power he has right now if it weren’t for Putin amping him up, giving him military, bombing hospitals…Putin did that. Trump didn’t do that.”

Way to go, Meghan!

The leftist ladies also repeated a favorite — and ludicrous — allegation against the Leader of the Free World: they claimed he is emotionally tenuous.

Hostin: What makes me nervous is, I don’t know that this president is able to compartmentalize things in the way a president should. So when he has all this Stormy Daniels stuff, and his personal attorneys, you know, law firm and home, being raided by the FBI, I just wonder if that is agitating him so much, does he then lean towards making emotional decisions?

Behar: Bill Clinton was famous for compartmentalizing things.

Hostin: Yeah, and can he do that? Can he do that?

Behar: Trump cannot do it.

Nice try. Donald Trump built a multibillion-dollar empire. He then entered the arena of politics, and — against the relentless will of an unprecedentedly vicious and dishonest media — he ascended to the nation’s highest office. To call him fragile is laughable. Fortunately for the citizenry, the President of the United States is as strong as steel. And on Thursday, so was Meghan McCain.