Laura Ingraham Continues to Say Unsubstantiated Crap

Laura Ingraham Continues to Say Unsubstantiated Crap

Since the 2016 version of conservatism has now reverted to calling everything bias against Trump, Laura Ingraham, Trump-humper extraordinaire now running a website that looks down its nose at “constitution worship“, has adopted the tactic.

I can understand the frustration of carrying water for a man who makes it increasingly difficult to look at oneself in the mirror everyday, but Laura should by now know how to use Google. And more importantly should be aware that everyone else can use it as well.

To claim that no one except Donald Trump is called a tycoon would be as silly as citing media reports on media bias as reliable. It’s silly, recursive nonsense, so of course Trump’s fans will swallow it as whole as the balloons of cocaine I can only assume they regularly smuggle into prison visiting rooms and which have burst open in them on more than one occasion.

Hey, I’m just trying to get at the root causes here. Cut me some slack, I’m no tycoon.

The point, Laura, in case you got all twitterpated talking about stuff bursting inside of people, is that I can and did use Google to look this up. Your suggestion of some nefarious dog whistle – meant to, I don’t know, trigger people’s inherent racism against Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags? – doesn’t hold up to the careful scrutiny one can achieve through owning an internet browser.

Here you go:

Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg’s journey from coder to billionaire Silicon Valley tycoon by the age of 27

“ZUCK! How The Brat Tycoon Became A Brilliant CEO”

Social-media tycoon doesn’t want Palo Alto neighbors peeking into his back yard or master bedroom

The tech tycoon believes this technology could be available in just 50 years, but also noted it isn’t something Facebook is currently working on.

“The Billionaire Media tycoon and former New York Mayor…”

Brexit would damage Britain’s economy, says US tycoon Michael Bloomberg

“In the end media tycoon Michael Bloomberg….”

“…merely pushing his own interests as a super-rich American, the media tycoon shot back:”

“The financial industry tycoon ridiculed Trump’s statements on immigration, national security, foreign trade, and his use of overseas labor.”

Global tycoon George Soros buys into Manchester United

“A foundation sponsored by the currency tycoon George Soros is facing a court battle…”

“George Soros is an American business tycoon and the chairman of Soros Fund Management.”

Tycoon George Soros convicted of insider trading, fined $2.2M.

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