President "Uh"

Yesterday, President Obama gave a press conference promising that no more boots would be put on the ground in Iraq leaving us to assume the 300 special ops folks he’s sending are wearing sneakers.


The press asked some very important questions that I think must be addressed regarding the tense and deadly situation in Iraq. And while there’s nothing funny about the atrocities being committed over there, I do find humor in watching the nobel peace prize winning Obama trying to navigate how he’s going to fix Iraq without breaking a whole passel of new promises. He’s the presidential equivalent of that guy with the “war is never the answer” bumper sticker trying to explain how World War 2 could’ve ended any other way.

He’s lost and it shows. And not just to us. Luckily he can still blame Bush.

To highlight this lack of leadership, we at Digitas Daily (for which you most certainly should be a subscriber to our newsletter) decided to put together a video that, while heavily edited, maintains the thrust of his presser yesterday.





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